The Worst News You Will Probably Hear All Month…



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Today, Playstation announced more news about the commonly accoladed ‘Most Anticipated Game of 2015,’ Uncharted 4.  We saw an amazing reveal of gameplay footage from the most beautiful game ever made at E3 last year and it was on the tip of every ones tongue for weeks after.  Nathan Drake has captured the hearts of millions over the past 10 years with his great character, complete with emotions and a sense of humour.  He has become a friend of the Playstation Family and of each of the gamers that have played it too. 

Being the emotional guy that he is, he has decided to pull on the heart-strings once more, since Sony announced today that ‘The Most Anticipated Game of 2015’ will actually not be released in 2015 at all!  Now, we can all wonder if Sony have developed a time machine to go back in time and release it in 2014, but unfortunately, it has now been given the release window of Spring 2016.  A year from now.  Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, the Directors of the game, have said that they have underestimated the ambitousness of the game and that it needed an extra few months to polish in order to meet the worlds high standards for it.  Which is fair, I guess.  I want the game to be perfect, especially as it marks the finale for the series (allegedly).  I still could not be more disappointed though.  Uncharted 4 was my most anticipated game of 2015, as I’m sure was many others too, but what you gonna do? 

It seems that the Playstation Exclusives that we were promised as consumers are quickly dwindling into a ‘eventually you can play’ fiasco.  Will consumers become disillusioned with the platform?  I love my PS4, it’s great and will stand by it, but it seems that despite the Xbox sales being a fraction of the PS4’s, the exclusives promise they delivered has in fact so far been met.  I keep coming back to Driveclub and the fact that we are still yet to see it and even since we heard that we may never ever see the PS+ version of the title, it is hard to not be upset with the £400 investment we made over a year ago now.  I hope that this cloud will have a silver lining.

Are you becoming disillusioned?  Thinking of making the switch to the dark side with XboxOne?  Let me know below!


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