More News From GDC? More Blips For Your Radar!


Welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you’re feeling fine!

A couple of days ago, I collated a small list of huge reveals that came from GDC so far this week.  Since I posted that, there have been a few more!  It would be rude and irresponsible of me to not let you all know!

 The first update is from Wizards of The Coast, who are well known for their Trading Card Games and RPG type universes.  Magic The Gathering is another one of their world famous classics that has a ton of video games based upon it throughout the last 2 decades, including most recent, Duels of the Planeswalkers which came out on Ipad last year, something of which I play a lot.  Well, Origins is now due to hit Playstation under the Free 2 Play model ‘later’ in 2015.  The Xbox and PC versions are out in June.  The new update will boast Two Headed Giant mode, which for those who don’t know is a 2 vs 2 battle among other quests and challenges.  Check out the trailer below!

Magicka 2 has been featured at each Conference that I have seen, there is a lot of anticipation.  The crazy, top-down RPG finally has a release date pinned for May 26th and developer, Paradox has announced the news with an awesome new trailer!  Check it out below!

Although a date hasn’t been announced for it just yet, we have now learned that Kickstarted revival of Wastelands – Wastelands 2 is now coming to PS4.  I, especially am excited to see this.  Bringing back those memories from the old PC RPG’s we used to play!  Take a look at the announcement trailer!

Puzzle-platformer Four Sided Fantasy is also coming to Playstation 4! (Of course it is, or I wouldn’t be writing about it!)  A date hasn’t yet been finalised but it is due in the first quarter of 2016, which admittedly is a long way away yet!  There is a trailer for it, so dont be shy!

To end this narrative on a sad note, Fullbright, the developer of hit Indie, Gone Home has announced that the game is to be cancelled for console ports since its partnership with publisher Majesco is coming to an end due to being another victim of the financial crisis.

What is your favorite announcement so far from GDC? Let us know in the comments below!

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