Rogue Legacy: The Rogues Review

250px-Rogue_Legacy_logoHello to all my wonderful readers and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are feeling fine!

A couple of weeks ago we were awarded with our February list for Playstation Plus – many have been moaning about the lack of quality within February’s installments and I guess there is good reason to.  Since Playstation Plus’ free games first came about, we have grown to expect a certain level of quality, previously seeing AAA titles such as Resident Evil and Just Cause 2.  With the PS4 so early in its life cycle, it’s not possible to gift us with such commodities, yet with the Playstation Plus version of DriveClub all but anywhere to be seen, we might have thought that Sony would reward us with some sort of compensation for this.

To reassure you all that Sony has us as customers in mind, I will be reviewing Rogue Legacy, 1 of the 2 PS4 games that we are able to download – for free – and play until our hearts are content.

First off, I would like to say that Rogue Legacy is probably one of my favourite games ever to hit Playstation Plus.  Yes, it is an Indie and yes, many people are fed up with the long string that we already have, but hear me out!


Rogue Legacy is a cross between Monster Boy In Wonderland and Castlevania (remember those games?) – a dungeon crawler with randomly generated rooms destined to cause you pain and inevitable Permadeath.  The hook for the game is its replayability and the huge upgrade list which I will explain later.rogue3

So, the idea is to choose a character – a member of a long lineage of a dead King tasked with avenging his death.  Once a character is chosen, it is literally just a case of crawling and looting until you die.  There are lots of different monster types, including huge bosses, to battle each earning you gold, MP potions or health refills.  Upon your death, you must choose a new character who will ultimately be your previous characters sibling or child – they then inherit your spoils from the previous play through which you can use to upgrade your castle, buy new equipment or equip runes to the equipment you have.  Each of these things unlock new character classes, make you stronger or grant new abilities.  That’s basically it!  Not a great deal of detail to it admittedly, but let me continue!


Each character that you get to choose differs slightly.  They can be a member of a selection of classes such as a Mage (more powerful spells), a Barbarian (more Health), a Miner (more gold) and the list goes on – fairly extensively too!  Each of these classes have an upgrade which unlocks an ability set for the relevant class.  Aside from class-types, your character will also have a mixture of Traits.  These traits can also vary between not being able to see in colour, seeing everything upside down, not being able to see in 3D and even some strange ones such as being gay, sporadic muscle spasms and some sort of swearing type thing.  Some of them are simply just superficial differences, while others will make your game harder, some easier.  The idea is to choose ones that limit you the least or suit your own game playing style.

The castle itself is pretty much what you would expect from a platform dungeon crawler – monsters, breakable objects, secrets and chests, each guarded by puzzles and tricky objectives.  There are 4 areas within the castle, each with their own difficulties, enemy types and area based nerfs such as darkness.  Each area is more difficult than the first complete with its own specific boss.


There is no doubt that this game is hard.  I’ve died countless times – so much so in fact that I can’t be bothered to go back through the lineage to see who my first character was (yes, that bad).  Usually, Permadeath would be one of those things that annoys me into a smashed controller oblivion, yet with Rogue Legacy, I want to continue, every time and try to beat my score, the number of coins I raid, increase the status of my castle with more upgrades.

I am truly in love with Rogue Legacy, so download it.  Now!

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8 responses to “Rogue Legacy: The Rogues Review

    • Oh I totally agree! ‘Just one more go’ syndrome sets in every time! I absolutely love it! I’m glad that others agree when February’s PS+ has been slated so far!


      • Many people I guess are getting fed up with the lack of AAA titles within the package, that’s what I meant :). Transistor doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid. It looks great, but the gameplay isn’t quite there for me. The battle system is good, but the freeze time thing makes it too advantageous for me. Rogue Legacy is awesome though and I’m more than happy with that and there’s plenty of games yet to play in the coming months, starting with The Order this week! So enjoy! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • No doubt I will! I’ve heard good things, but lots of media attention about its lack of content as in sure you are aware. Nonetheless. Should still be awesome!


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