Netflix Suggestion: Living On One Dollar


Hey everyone!  Happy Friday and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are feeling fine!

Well, it’s that time again where I suggest something great to watch now that the week is done!  I had a look through my previous suggestions and noticed that I hadn’t suggested a single documentary!  Now I’m a huge docu-phile, I love to learn regardless of what it is about and it is especially exciting when you hit a topic that you feel passionate about.

living-on-one-dollarThe documentary I will be suggesting for today is Living On One Dollar.  LOOD is based upon a group of friends who decide to live in rural Guatemala for 2 months to face and experience the concept of extreme poverty within the world.  In a touching 55 minutes, the 4 friends battle fleas, dirty water, the struggles of making money and learning the personal stories of the villagers they spend their time with.  The start off by granting a $1 a day allowance over the 2 months, randomising their daily income by picking numbers from a hat ranging from 0-9.  This signified the sporadic and unpredictable income that the villagers had to face on a daily basis, who did not know where the next wage was coming from.

I found this documentary extremely touching and saddening.  It’s crazy that over a billion people suffer this sort of trauma every single day, so I implore you to watch this and share it with friends just to raise awareness!  Nonetheless it is a good watch and extremely eye-opening.

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