Reminder: Battlefield: Hardline Launch!


Hey Guys, welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

I just thought I would post a reminder to all you guys out there!  Yesterday, EA flipped the switch on the Battlefield Hardline Beta for the following 5 days.  For all of those COD enthusiasts out there, I implore you to download the Beta – it’s free! Battlefield is a mature FPS, but now that DICE have left the helm of development, Visceral Games are releasing their own spin on the franchise.

I was one of the lucky people who was invited to play the closed Beta early last year and I thought it was great.  It’s fast paced, yet maintaining the usual Battlefield characteristics.  You can expect to see explosions, buildings falling and dynamic maps within the usual anarchy we’ve seen in the past.

The new Beta is complete with all new tweaks and adjustments to the game, Visceral taking note of players feedback previously.  More importantly, there is a new game mode, Hotwire, which many people are praising at the moment in online forums and social media. 

Surely it is not one to miss!  You can find the client within PSN, just go to the ‘Featured’ area and you should find it in there!

Have you played the Beta?  What did you think of it?  Will it pull you away from Call of Duty?

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