Playstation Plus: February 2015


Welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

It’s that time again where we can download a bunch of Sony offerings for free via Playstation Plus!  Every month, Playstation grants 2 games on each platform for loyal Playstation Plus customers.  Last month was the most impressive since the release of the PS4 with Infamous: First Light being the first AAA title to be received on the new console.  From today (4/2/15) you can download all of the below from the Playstation Store!

250px-Transistor_artThe first game we can expect for the PS4 is highly acclaimed Transistor from the same creators as Bastion.  Yes, it is another Indie game and it is the flagship title for this months PS+, but don’t fret as Transistor has received many positive reviews!  The setting is based around you traversing a futuristic landscape whilst wielding a powerful weapon of unknown origin.  The game is an action RPG, so you can expect to be hacking and slashing through large numbers of enemies as you progress and upgrade!

apotheonThe second game for PS4 is Apotheon – a 2D action adventure set in ancient Greece.  Your task is to infiltrate Mount Olympus in order to end the wrath of the God’s!  Again we have another Indie title – these seem to be coming in thick and fast through Playstation Plus at recent times, but every game is worth a look, especially as it is free! 

81YQzF5C5iL__SX342_We can also expect another 2 games for the PS3, the first being Thief.  Now, I am disappointed that this is only available on PS3 as opposed to PS4.  Square Enix revived the franchise after more than 10 years of silence and I, myself haven’t had the chance to see what it is like.  Ultimately, it was received fairly well, so again, worth checking out!

512n-CKyQfL__SX342_The second game for PS3 is Yakuza 4, an open world adventure set in the criminal underworld of Tokyo.  I’m sure you have played at least one of these games before, so not a great deal of explanation will be needed.

PS Vita also sees Rogue Legacy and Kick and Fennick for February.


So that’s this months offerings people!  Impressed?  Disappointed?  Fed up with Indie titles?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook using the links below!

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2 responses to “Playstation Plus: February 2015

  1. Very disappointed with all the Indie titles. I’m glad Sony are giving them a platform where people can play for free, but these shouldn’t be the main titles. The console has been out for over a year and only December and January have been decent for games apart from Resogun.


    • I am inclined to agree with you. I love the fact that Sony have given Indie devs the platform. I just didn’t expect to be paying £6 a month for it! I’m all for innovation etc. but I would have hoped to have seen either Knack or Killzone as an offering, especially as they are First Party and we are yet to see the illusory DriveClub. Saying that, February is a big month for Sony in that The Order is very close to release. Maybe this is why? 🙂


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