The Dying Light Saga: Continues


Hello everyone and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

Yesterday marked the release of Techland’s ambitious Zombie Survival extravaganza.  Dying Light has been plagued with issues, with it being delayed from 2014 and the last-gen versions being cancelled altogether.  The physical copies were then delayed until the end of February with the digital release being brought forward from January 30th to the 28th, which was yesterday.

Gamers across the globe cried out on forums and social networks at the revelation of a bug within the game which didn’t allow purchasers of the digital copy to download it from the PSN store.  This is all explained here if you missed it, but it seems like the saga continues.

In the link above, I posted a solution to the issue, which I gained lots of feedback on Twitter to say that it worked like a charm.  Many gave their thanks and they were on their way parkouring around a city, slashing zombies.  However, when I returned home from work, I tried the above solution for myself to find that Dying Light had disappeared from PSN completely.  It was no longer showing ‘Start’ or ‘Play’ or ‘Download’- it in fact, didn’t have a box to press at all!  So, I went onto the desktop site on my PC to find that the release date had been changed to the 30th January again and the game was available for preorder.  What the hell is going on?!?

So, I decided to check leading magazines such as IGN and Playstation Lifestyle and it seems there is a complete media blackout regarding these problems.  I couldn’t find a single report about the major issues regarding being able to download this game!  Sony hadn’t released a statement, neither had Techland and it seemed that the only people who knew about this issue was just about everyone that had bought it. 

So, I am still yet to play the game that I’ve been banging on about since December.  I’m still yet to even download the game that I’ve been banging on about since December.  To make things worse, I’m now £55 poorer than I was when I was banging on about it in December!

Has anyone else out there got any updates?  Any news?  Someone help me!!!!!



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5 responses to “The Dying Light Saga: Continues

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  2. Continuing from the last post. I can still play the game and I can find the game on PSN. I DO however have to actively search for the game, can’t use the front page or whatever 🙂 I hope you get it up and running soon 🙂


    • Jeez! Is there anything set in stone about this game! All I want to do is play! The game looks so good and the ability to play coop is a huge plus! Enjoy it without me! (You bastard lol)


      • I know someone with the exact same problem as you, so you’re not alone in your misery 😉


      • That makes me feel so much better lol! Thanks for getting back to me with an update! It helps Playstation Base paint the bigger picture! Albeit a dark one haha.


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