Some Dates You Might Have Missed: Update The Calendar!

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to Playstation Base and as always, I hope you are feeling fine!

Today I would just like to share a few dates that were announced recently.  Each of these things interest me greatly, so I would expect that you will feel the same about at least one of them!

untitled_2_92686Back at E3 2013, Playstation announced a new TV series, exclusive to the platform.  This TV series was named ‘Powers’ and is based around the graphic novel by Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.  The show follows  Christian Walker and Deena Pilgram who are detectives for a special agency that protects people from superhumans, or ‘Powers’.  A release date was recently announced and on March 10th, the first 3 episodes will be available, with the following being released weekly on a Tuesday thereafter.  Be sure to tune in!


Next up is recently off-the-radar Elder Scrolls: Online.  This is another game that has seen various delays, but finally we can expect Elder Scrolls: Online to be released on June 9th!  There has been lots of debate about whether this was a good game to develop at all and many wondered if it would ever be able to surpass its predecessor, Skyrim.  It has spent the last year being played on PC and there have been complaints about it being too linear, but I guess the biggest news to come from this is that developer, Bethesda have decided to drop the subscription based model.  Awesome!  They have also decided to change the name to Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited, to signify the major changes that have been made.  To top it all off with a cherry, the game will feature all of the updates and content additions from the PC version!


The last announcement was actually only revealed within the last couple of days.  Sony’s music application, Music Unlimited, is due to close its doors on March 29th, but don’t be too disappointed!  Sony have announced an exclusive partnership with one of the leading online music services, Spotify.  The app will be rebranded to Playstation Music, and can be expected to hit your systems in Spring 2015 and from then on, you will be able to play a soundtrack to suit the game you are playing!  A bit of Drum and Bass whilst playing The Crew?  Or maybe some Leona Lewis whilst watching a sad cut-scene in Final Fantasy.  Whatever it will be, I’m sure it will be covered!

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