Can’t Download Dying Light? Click Here!


Hey everyone!  Welcome back to Playstation Base, I hope you are all feeling fine!

I’ll get straight into it- this morning I attempted to purchase Dying Light on PSN.  It took my money and then it told me that my game is unlocked and I can now play it.  That’s great, however I haven’t been able to actually download the game.  It seems that a lot of PSN users are experiencing this exact problem.  Anyway, I browsed the internet to look for a solution and came up with the following.

Thanks to JeZus on the Techland Forums who posted this solution!

1.  Turn on PS4 and ensure internet is connected.

2. Log on to a PC and log into the Playstation Store through your internet browser.

3. Click Games-> Playstation Plus -> Exclusives

4.  Click the FarCry 4 theme and proceed to checkout.

5. In the bottom right hand corner you should see ‘Download List’

6.  Dying Light should be found in the Download List.  Cancel the download and retry by pressing ‘Download to PS4’

7.  It will take a minute or two to kick in, but should nonetheless.

8.  Go to your PS4, go into notifications and it should say that it is downloading.

Here is the forum post on Techland:image1

I haven’t tested this myself, but there are a few people celebrating this method, so hopefully it works.  I’ve read that the issue with this game is that Techland, the developers for the title, originally posted the release for 30th January (which is what I originally thought!).  This has caused an issue when changing the release date to the 28th January.  I contacted Playstation on Twitter who confirmed that it was a developer issue, so hopefully this issue will be sorted by the time I get home from work, otherwise I will be trying the above method!

Anyway guys, I hope this helps.  I’ve been waiting to play this game for too long and the fact I was unable to download it at home whilst I was at work is devastating considering how I will need to wait up to an hour to be able to play eventually anyway.

**EDIT** The Dying Light Saga: Continues Part 2

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8 responses to “Can’t Download Dying Light? Click Here!

    • Hey! Im glad that it worked for you! The vast majority if people have said that it does, but a couple are still struggling! How are you finding the game? I cant wait to get home and play!


      • So far so good. But could only play the beginning, Download wasn’t finnished


      • You’ve had more luck than me then! I got home from work and it seemed as though it had been pulled from PSN altogether! Wasn’t showing on there when you run a search. When I accessed the desktop website, it showed a release date for the 30th Jan which is strange. There is a complete media blackout on this at the moment. There has been no statement from either Sony or Techland! 🙂


  1. Ugh I can’t find the far cry 4 theme on the store on my computer. I’ve clicked on the playstation plus, but I can’t see ‘exclusives’ anywhere. Just to ‘join now’ but I’m already a member


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