Netflix: To All Breaking Bad Fans!


Hey Guys and Gals, welcome back to Playstation Base, I hope you are all feeling fine!

I am a huge Breaking Bad fan.  Period.  Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows to have ever been written and for this, I thank Netflix for allowing us to stream it in the UK!  Of course Netflix no doubt paid millions of dollars for the acquisition of the streaming rights, but I love them for it nonetheless.  It’s arguable that Netflix single-handedly brought Breaking Bad to the UK, without them, I would still be viewing Bryan Cranston as ‘that wacky dad from Malcolm In The Middle’.

B8XREWoIIAEzrdgAnyway, Netflix announced today that Breaking Bad’s successor, ‘Better Call Saul’ will be released in the UK from the 9th February!  *Que extremely loud cheers*.  The episodes will be weekly, but I did read somewhere that we would be gifted the first 3 episodes at launch.

I have waited over a year since the spinoff was announced and am extremely excited to finally be able to see more of Saul, who very quickly became my favourite character.  His quick wit and his  morally questionable line of work will surely make this new show something great.  Enjoy!

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