‘Dragon Diaries: Episode 2

dragon diaries

Hey Guys!  Welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are feeling fine!

‘Dragon Diaries began last week where I will attempt to tell you about my own experiences, thoughts and possibly share a few complaints too!  Check it out if you missed the first episode!  I originally decided to post weekly to ‘Dragon Diaries, but I feel it would be more fluent should I post whenever I have a subject to talk about.

In all honesty, my week hasn’t been a great deal different from the last!  I am still playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Crew, although I am starting to understand and enjoy Dragon Age a little bit more now so I am cracking on with it.  I am still anticipating the release of Dying Light on Wednesday (27th January) and despite it’s delayed physical release, I will still be able to play it as I purchase most of my games digitally.  Aside from that, I am still yet to earn that coveted Platinum Trophy for FarCry 4, but rest assured, I will get it.

There hasn’t been a great deal in terms of change within the gaming industry, in fact, the only thing worth mentioning came from Microsofts conference last week where the Hololens was announced. (Check it out here if you missed it!)  Now obviously this has nothing to do with Playstation whatsoever, especially as it is a Microsoft product, but I still have to admit that it looks pretty cool.  Microsoft also shared its vision for Minecraft and how it will interact with the Hololens, which as a Playstation fan, I am jealous about, as I also share a huge passion for that amazing game.  The Hololens will work differently to its rivals Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, by projecting holograms within your environment as opposed to having a TV screen effectively strapped to your face.  Pretty cool right?  The issue that I have with the Hololens is its marketability, not just to the consumer, but to developers.  As I have said before, I also worry for the Morpheus for the same reason.  This new wearable technology, for the time being, is carried by its novelty factor.  As you will know, for developers to develop, it has to be profitable and worthwhile, but with rival console companies producing different types of VR, I edge even closer to the belief that games will only be produced by 1st Party studios for their corresponding consoles.  For the consumer, it comes down to price, how much will these expensive glasses cost me?  Google Glass, the first piece of wearable tech on the market is available for around $1000- a huge price tag for checking Facebook and taking pictures of hot females with a wink.  I guess time will tell.  I guess the advantage for techs like Morpheus is that there are other VR headsets that operate the same way being developed, so this could possibly make it more developer friendly.

Virtual reality aside and back to actual reality, I am finding myself playing a little bit more Advanced Warfare as time progresses.  Don’t get me wrong, its crazed frenzy still annoys me greatly at times, but the plus side is that I can play with friends.  We even managed a party of 6 a couple of times which makes the game all the more fun to play. 

I have been thinking about the possibility of purchasing a second hand Vita recently.  There are times in my household where I want to play Playstation, but my girlfriend wants to watch TV.  In these instances, my Playstation gaming is forced to make way and I will have to ‘Save & Exit’.  I will make it clear that I will not be purchasing a Vita for its great games and flurishing platform, due to the fact that it doesn’t have either of those attributes, but I will buy it purely for its cross-play, streaming function.  Gone will be the days of watching chick flicks!

Well, thats been my week!  Not a lot has changed to be honest, but I have a few questions for you all!  Have any of you bought a PS Vita?  If so, how do you find it?  Does the PS4 streaming work well?  Is there any lag? 

Because ‘Dragon Diaries is a new chapter for Playstation Base, please could you give me a few suggestions for what you might like to read about here.  Do you want to know more about me outside of Playstation Base?  Should we discuss other technology from outside of the world of Sony?  Don’t be shy!  Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, you could even send us a Tweet by using the links below!

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