‘Dragon Diaries: Episode 1

dragon diaries

Hey Guys!  Welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are feeling fine!

So this is kind of a new chapter within Playstation Base.  As well as writing news and reviews about Playstation, I thought I would begin to update you all about my experiences too.  I know that the reviews and news I provide are based on my own experiences any way, but I mean it to be more broadly (and self-obsessively) about me!

So, I welcome you all to the first episode of ‘Dragon Diaries!  I hope you all enjoy my journey as much as I do!

 Where do I start?  I guess I could update you with what I am currently playing!  Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Crew are currently on rotation at the moment with a few instances of Advanced Warfare creeping through occasionally, if I fancy something fast paced or want to play with friends, but I’ve reviewed 2 out of 3 of those games with The Crew due to come soon.  I have to say that despite my positive review of Dragon Age, I am starting to struggle with it.  Its lack of direction results in me wandering around trying to figure out which areas I should be exploring, which quests I should be/am strong enough to complete and the VERY gradual increase in equipment statistics.  I find myself trying to build motivation to play it as opposed to FarCry 4, where I couldn’t wait to play it.  It’s a shame, but as I didn’t overly enjoy the previous Dragon Age games, or even many of Bioware’s games at all, I should have been a little more insightful.

One thing I am really enjoying at the moment is using my new X-Rocker.  If you read the review, you will know all about it, but it really is a great bit of kit!  Like I said, it is a little pricey, but really grants a great gaming experience–the rumble pack is awesome when playing shooters and even racers where the chair vibrates to the sound of the cars engine.

Moving on, I am still revelling in the wake of FarCry 4, I find myself talking about it all the time to people that have or haven’t played it.  It was amazing in everyway which is why it won my Game Of The Year Award for 2014.  As you may or may not know, I like to collect trophies, not obsessively, but I will attempt to collect them all during a single playthrough and forget about the ones that I missed.  FarCry 4, however is starting to annoy me.  I earned my first Platinum Trophy with FarCry 3 and really wanted to do the same for FarCry 4, but there is one Trophy that I just can’t seem to get!  I researched it online and it seems that quite a number of people are having this same issue!  I will ask the question, have any of you earned yourself the Misdirection Trophy?  To complete it, you need to distract 15 guards with rocks, which seems really simple, but it seems that there are other extenuating circumstances surrounding it– I wont bore you with the details.  So anyway, FarCry 4 should be my 3rd Platinum Trophy, but I’m stuck at the final hurdle.  Rest assured, I will get it eventually!

Other than the above, my week is basically a picture of me daydreaming and waiting for Dying Lights release which is due out January 27th, make sure you grab it, it will be glorious!

So I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me and my week!  I will attempt to blog ‘Dragon Diaries at least once a week, but what I would like to know is what do you guys want to hear about?  This first post is a little unstructured, I admit, so I would love to hear from you guys and what you might expect or want me to discuss.  I can do Q & A’s, respond to your own gaming gripes maybe?  I don’t know, just let me know and please dont forget to Like and Share!


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