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Hello all and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

Christmas seems like an age away now; everything back to normal, everyone now working full weeks without any prospect of rest until Easter (yes, depressing).  But all is not lost!  2015 will be one of the best years for gaming since… well, ever!  With Playstation kicking off its 1st Party campaign as soon as February with The Order, continuing throughout the year along with some great cross-platform titles too!

Without waffling too much and going off topic, today I would like to review one of my Christmas presents;  The X-Rocker: Control.  In all honesty, I could just finish this review now and say, ‘Dont waste your time reading this, just go out and buy one,’ however this wouldn’t be very ethical as a writer, no matter how true the statement.rockerfrontX-Rocker make gaming chairs and they make them extremely well.  The Control is brilliantly made from top to bottom and upon assembling it, I couldn’t wait to rig it up to my TV and get Rocking!  Assembling the chair is pretty easy, you just click the stand into the chair, screw on the arms and Hey Presto!  The back folds down for easy storage and they arms are also foldable.  Despite this, I haven’t yet found an easy way to remove the stand, but maybe I haven’t tried hard enough.

It is incredibly comfortable to sit in too, the back rest is nicely cushioned, along with the seat and the arms are nicely positioned to give you support while holding your controller.  The material is a faux leather, but it feels great quality and after a little research, I have read that it is quite long-lasting and sturdy, which is obviously a good thing.

rockerbackThe sound system is equally great.  The X-Rocker Control comes with a 2.1 surround system which is situated in the back of the chair and regardless of what you are playing, whether it be games, movies or music, the sound comes through crisp and clear and in a surround-sound fashion.  The sub woofer is pretty damn powerful; each bullet you fire giving a bassy boom that echoes around my living room.

The chair also comes with a rumble pack which reacts mainly to bassy sounds.  The rumble is quite possibly the best part of the chair.  Not only do explosions sounds great, but now they feel great too!  The sound is twinned extremely well with the rumble feature and I love the way it immerses you within the game.  I actually managed to finish off FarCry 4 in the chair and it made the game so much more enjoyable.

rockerpanelOn the side of the chair is a controller which enables you to adjust volume, bass and rumble levels accordingly and also includes a headphone jack and an MP3 connector should you wish to connect your Ipod to play music through it.  The functionality of the chair is pretty much exactly what you would need and expect from it in all honesty and I am greatly impressed.

Despite its greatness, nothing is perfect and there are a few alterations that I would make.  On the occasion that you aren’t home alone and people are complaining about the noise, there is an option for plugging in headphones, which is great, however, when you plug it in, the rumble pack switches off, so you lose that immersive feeling, which is a shame.  Secondly, the bluetooth transmitter isn’t compatible with Playstation 4, which isn’t X-Rockers fault as Sony have programmed the PS4 to only accept Playstation products, but I still hate this fact.  Despite this, on the X-Rocker website, it seems that they are advertising a Bluetooth transmitter that can connect to a PS4, however it looks exactly the same as the one that I have, which doesn’t work.

But truthfully, I absolutely love this chair, its comfortable, functional, it sounds and feels great and you just cant beat sitting right in front of your TV with a controller in your hand.  They can be pricey, but there are cheaper ones out there, as well as the more expensive, but if you love gaming, then this accessory is definitely a must have!

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