Load In and LoadOut!


Hello Base-Heads!  Welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

There is a lot going on in the world of Playstation at the moment.  With Christmas as dead as the proverbial Dodo, everyone is looking forward to what could be next for gaming.  With so much occurring, something slipped through the cracks… well, my cracks… and no, not in a rude way!

Loadout was released on Playstation 4, December 16th and was developed as a free to play title by Edge Of Reality.  Loadout is something we have all seen before, yet it is still quite unique in its own way.  The game itself is like a cocktail of different genres– kind of MOBA-esque, yet deathmatchy with a splash of Team Fortress.  Two teams battle it out, in 3rd Person, in order to obtain and collect Blutonium, which is basically like Call of Duty’s Dog Tags.

The gameplay isn’t too bad for a free to play title.  Admittedly the mechanics can be a little cumbersome– moving and aiming your weapon can be a little floaty at times and there is no doubt that your accuracy will be poor.  The Multiplayer is quite fun to play with its fun cartoon gore and wacky humour, yet for me, it feels like there is something missing.  As a game, it is fairly old-fashioned, even compared to Team Fortress which was released nearly 10 years ago.  As I said earlier, the game mechanics can be a little floaty, but it extends from that.  There are only 6 maps to play, which is very low considering that this is a multiplayer centric game and although some of the game modes are unique, they don’t really differ from each other a great deal.

loadoutcustLoadout’s big Box Office Draw is its customisation options.  You can change the way your avatar looks and equip weapons that are fully customisable, from grips to barrels to sights, which in turn, change the weapons statistics and as an RPG fan, this part of the game really appeals to me. 


We do have to remember that this is a game released under the Free To Play model, something that I’m not a big fan of.  I love the idea of being able to play a game for free, but the downside to this will always be the suspicion of them being Pay-To-Win– the most common issue with these games.  I wish I could tell you that Loadout was different.  Saying that, it isn’t quite the criminal at large as some of the others; you are able to unlock everything within the game by simply playing it, the downside is that it takes an entire age.  The grind to unlock these items can be a long one and even though the game might be fun to play at first, it will surely grind you down to the point of no return. 

The Campaign is shockingly awful.  It’s lack of desirable content and the intelligence of the enemy AI is painful at best.  I would go as far as to say that it is something I would expect to play on my Iphone for 10 minutes before deleting.  Enough said.

shattered_tauntsThe game as a whole isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played.  Like I say, its premise is something unique and unlike anything that I personally have seen before.  The issue is that it feels unpolished, unmastered and underachieved.  The game may have been better off releasing as a cheap Indie title, similar to games like Nidhogg or Towerfall which cost around £10.  This way, we could have ended up with a half decent campaign with a few more maps and less of a grind to unlock everything, however, the stone is set and it is what it is.

Have any of you guys played Loadout?  What did you guys think?  Do you invite more games to operate under the Free-To-Play model?  Give your thoughts below!

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