Netflix: Darknet


Welcome back to Playstation Base! I hope you are all feeling fine!

Some of us are back to work today, some of us have been back since Monday (me for example!), but more importantly, today is Friday, which means we have a weekend looming!  As it is Friday, many of you will flock to Netflix tonight to sit down and watch something entertaining whilst munching a takeaway… I wish you much enjoyment in advanced!  As we have all of these extenuating circumstances listed above, I thought I would gift you with one of my famous Netflix Suggestions!

darknetSo today, I would like to tell you about yet another TV series named Darknet.  Darknet is a Canadian Horror series which revolves around a website of the same name where it’s users post videos and comments about various murders they have committed.  Each episode is standalone and has its own director keeping them different and fresh with ideas. 

It’s actually quite a strange premise and reminds me of a cross between Saw and Black Mirror (which I reviewed here).  Its strange twists and turns can be a lot to take in within a 25 minute episode and you may find yourself a little confused by the end, but I think that is part of the idea behind the show.  There is just one season so far with 6 episodes, all of which I managed to watch in one sitting, yesterday and I hope that there will be more to come!

Each episode has its own flavour of ‘gruesome’ and its own definition of crazy, but I implore you all to watch this weird and wonderful, blood soaked nightmare!

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