Happy New Year one and all and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

I’m sure we haven’t forgotten about the Nightmare At Christmas and it’s likely some of you are still steaming at the ears over the lost playing time over the Festive Period.  Infamous hacking group Lizard Squad, DDOS’ed major gaming networks such as PSN and XBL, bringing PSN offline from Christmas Eve with people experiencing issues for as long as 4 days.  It was a travesty to say the least.

I also touched on the matter of compensation that might arise through the Playstation Plus service (click here to see what we got!). 

Although there wasn’t actually anything gifted through Playstation Plus, Sony did announce yesterday what we would receive in the form of compensation.

Every single Playstation Plus subscription will be extended for 5 days and will automatically be added to each and every account.  Sony have also announced that at some point in January, a 10% off total cart voucher will be awarded which means you get to save a few extra pounds on your purchases.


Now, I have some thoughts about this.  I myself aren’t overly impressed by Sony’s philanthropy.  A free 5 days of Playstation Plus is a disappointing number of days considering we haven’t actually gained anything from this, yes we got our lost 5 days back, but surely it should have been extended a little bit further?  Where’s our actual compensation?!  The 10% off voucher is also much appreciated, but 10% again, isn’t a great discount.  After spending a whopping £55 for a game on the online store, we would only save £5.50, which doesn’t even buy you a box of cigarettes nowadays. 

What do you guys think?  Are you happy with what Sony have ‘gifted’ us?  Do you think we should have received more?  Should we be taking our anger and lack of game time to a small claims court? 

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