Netflix: Black Mirror


Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to Playstation Base!

Every now and again, I like to suggest a little piece of Netflix to engage with.  These can range between great watches, thought provoking messages and just the down right strange.

untitledBlack Mirror actually falls into each of those 3 categories.  Written by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror was originally shown on Channel 4 a few years ago.  Due to its success, a second series was written and a Christmas Special was also shown this week.  In light of the Christmas Special, I have to emplore you all to watch the preceding episodes.

Black Mirror is an alternative future based upon an exaggeration of todays society,whether that be consumerism, oppressive goverments or ridiculous TV shows to name a few.  What I love about it the most is that it really does make you think.  Its shocking premices can take you back occasionally and will almost certainly force you to think about the way you live your life.  I don’t want to go into too much detail in fear of ruining the surprise, but I can guarantee, you will be missing out should you not tune in.

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