20 Years of Playstation: My Memories! (Part 2)


Hey guys and welcome back to Playstation Base, I hope you are all feeling fine!

Two weeks ago marked the 20 year anniversary for the Playstation Brand and we have already discussed our fondest memories of the Playstation 1.  I realise the second part is a little late, but due to a holiday and a subsequent chest infection, I was a little waylaid!  I surprised even myself when trying to remember some of the games that I played back then and the memories all come flooding back once someone mentions a name or character.

With the PS1 retiring once more, we shall push on with the PS2 and see what we spent the 6 years playing before the PS3 was to hit the shelves.  The Playstation 2 was released March 4th 2000 in Japan and went on to become the best-selling console in history selling over 155 million units.  That is a crazy amount of consoles!


The PS2 was probably my most played console of all time too, I had a controller in every colour which combined with an old-school Multitap, my friends and I played up to 4 player almost constantly.  My library was extensive and I owned probably close to a 1000 games on the platform so it will be hard for me to pick out specific memories, however…

007aufThe first game I remember playing on the PS2 was 007: Agent Under Fire.  I think this could have been one of the first Bond games released since Goldeneye and it was certainly no disappointment!  Despite it’s greatness, the only thing I vividly remember from the game was one of the beginning missions where you ride a motorcycle down a motorway and slide under a petrol tanker.  How random!



Army_Men_Air_Attack_2_cover_artOne of my favourite games from the platform was the Real Time Strategy ‘Army Men’.  Now, there was a good few of these so I wont pick one out specifically as they were all great.  The game not only brought back childhood memories, it kept us entertained with its melting plastic and innovative toy army men animations.  This unique title was likely influenced by Toy Story’s plastic soldiers and I thoroughly enjoyed every installment of this franchise.  It is a shame that we haven’t seen a revival, but I’m not entirely sure that RTS’s really fit console gaming any more.



300px-Burnout_3_BoxartCriterion Games made their best racing games on the PS2.  The Burnout series is second to none in my opinion, especially over Need For Speed.  They were great and even some of the special missions such as the Crash Zones kept me occupied for hours upon hours, trying to beat my friends score.  Even the racing element was great, Burnout was the first racer to actually give me a sense of speed, the blur lines and faced paced crashes really gave the genre a kick in the right direction.  It is a shame to see the most recent installments on PS3 lose such credit, especially since Criterion started working on the lesser Need For Speed titles, but hey, life goes



256px-Timesplitters2My most memorable First Person Shooter for the platform was the comical Timesplitters 2.  Everyone will remember this game and it wont take much effort to help you find that nostalgia you clearly crave.  Timesplitters, for me, was a quest to unlock all of the characters, maps and game modes and god only knows that some of these achievements were extremely difficult.  This was another one of those titles that I played 4 player split-screen and the fast paced sprints around Chasm were a consistent occurrence during this time.  The games were made by Free Radical Design, who since, became Crytek, who since have closed for business and although a 4th installment was announced, it was postponed indefinitely, however a fan made project is supposedly in the works, but no one has heard anything since we was told of a demo due for release at Christmas 2013, which didn’t come.



41XGWK253WL__SL500_AA300_My next memory is one that you would probably not remember, or even know at all, but it’s uniqueness is one that has to be mentioned.  State of Emergency was developed by VIS Entertainment and believe it or not, was published by Rockstar.  The game featured a crazed shopping mall where mass looting and rioting floods the scene, with 100’s of people running around in a frenzy at any given point.  Your job was to complete various missions in very strict time limits, whilst avoiding or confronting the many crazies.  I have to say, I didn’t understand the premise of this game when I played it all those years ago and to be honest, it didn’t receive great reviews either, but it was something different and I just enjoyed beating up the gangs and smashing shop windows…Typical Rockstar!


  So those are 5 of my picks for the PS2!  Of course there are countless other games that haven’t had a mention and I could talk endlessly about the countless hours I spent playing games like Kessen and Grand Theft Auto or the widely banned Manhunt.  We could also endlessly discuss  tricksy sports games like Tony Hawks, SSX or Freakstyle and I guess it would be a sin not to mention Final Fantasy 10 and Sleeping Dogs spiritual predecessor, True Crime: Streets Of LA.  But make no mistake, there was some seriously shocking titles, mostly film adaptations, but then we shouldn’t forget the ‘just awfulness’ of the Playboy Mansion or Pimp My Ride.  *SIGH*

There is no doubt that the PS2 was a great console and this could well be to do with the fact that it didn’t have too much competition until Microsoft announced its Xbox what with the Dreamcast falling out of its own arse and the N64 doing what Nintendo always does– more Mario!

What games do you remember for the PS2?  Is there anything that you hated about it?  Leave a comment below and for God’s sake, don’t forget to Like, Share and Follow!


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