20 Years of Playstation: My Memories! (Part 1)


Welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine!

This week marked the 20 year anniversary of the Playstation.  The original Playstation was first released in Japan on the 3rd December 1994 and with its new approach to gaming the brand has  gone from strength to strength.

The Playstation was a game changer when it first came about, starting a completely new generation of gaming, where for the first time on a home console, we got to see 3D graphics.  It is arguable that the start of Sony’s rise within the gaming industry was soon to be the demise of the two big names of the time in Sega and Nintendo.250px-PSX-Console-wController

I have always loved the Playstation brand.  Even at the young age of 4, I could see that the transition from consoles like the SNES and the MegaDrive, was a big one and that was the first time gaming actually wowed me.

I wont bore you with the history of Playstation, I am sure we are all aware of the gradual increase in graphics and gameplay, but I would like to offer a bit of nostalgia and a few ‘I remember that’ moments.  Here are my memories, starting with the original Playstation!

Destruction_Derby_CoverartThe very first game that I remember playing on the Playstation was Destruction Derby.  It changed the world of racing and offered a new platform for car games.  Being young at the time, I was only really interested in the Arena as opposed to the racing, being a bit of a fiend for carnage.  I loved revving up the engine at the countdown of 3,2,1, bursting forward into the circle of death, smashing up everyone’s vehicles with triangular flakes of ‘car’ dispersing as you cause wreckages.  Make no mistake though, that game was HARD!



256px-Syphon_FilterOne of my forgotten gems of the Playstation was Syphon Filter, a great 3rd Person Shooter which was a more fast paced version of Splinter Cell, which I guess that is the only way I can describe it!  Barring Metal Gear Solid, there hadn’t been that many 3rd Person Shooters at the time and Syphon Filter, as a result, was received extremely well, enough in fact for it to have been made into a trilogy with a couple of spin offs too.  The original was even redeveloped for Android back in 2011.


_-Twisted-Metal-PlayStation-_One game to jog all of our memories is Playstation exclusive Twisted Metal.  Twisted Metal was a little like Destruction Derby in a sense, but with the addition of weapons!  Essentially it was a deathmatch where you would battle the AI whilst racing around trying to avoid your own death.  Many hours were spent playing this game and was one of my earliest memories of split-screen fun.  There was a brief period in which it was rebooted on the PS3 but it wasn’t as well received, or advertised for that matter. This could well lead to the death of this franchise, which would be a shame, especially with the new generation being a completely online one — something which this game probably needed when we first saw it 20 years ago.220px-Twisted_Metal_2-_World_Tour_screenshot


Who remembers Bloody Roar?  Come on!  Bloody Roar was an amazing Beat ’em Up where humans and animals collide.  This unique take on the genre was one of my favourites, even since then.  Each character within the game was twinned with an animal which could range anywhere from a lion to a rabbit. Upon filling up a power gauge, you would be able to transform into that animal and unleash the beast.  Great right?  There have been a few sequels to Bloody Roar, but since Hudson Entertainment closed for business, I wouldn’t expect to see another, which is a real shame.220px-Beastorizer

That is just a small selection of the games I spent a lot of my time playing, only God knows there were probably 100’s more!  I remember other great hits such as Dino Crisis, Clockwork Tower, the original Resident Evils and Metal Gears, platformers Croc, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.  The Die Hard Trilogy was also great, along with Duke Nukem and Pandemonium, but now I’m just listing games. 

The PS1 was a great console, the start of something.  Sony brought something new to the table that it’s rivals didn’t have at the time — diversity!  For the first time, despite all of the console exclusives, we weren’t being bombarded by characters like Mario and Sonic in every game.  Long live Sony’s Playstation brand!

Check back soon for the next installment of my 20th Anniversary Special where we will be discussing my greatest memories from the PS2 era.  But first, why not comment below to let me know what your memories were?  Maybe you enjoyed the Final Fantasy Series or broken a few controllers in your time.

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