**Game Of The Year** FarCry 4


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We have had many ups and downs throughout 2014, with huge amounts of developers issues, bugs, glitches, server problems and delays to torment us all.  We have also seen a few triumphs too, but I’m only here to talk about a specific one.

Ubisoft released FarCry 4 on November 18th after 2 hard years of development.  It was widely received, going Gold before it was even released and managed to rack up an 8.5 on average across all of the major critics.

I have marked FarCry 4 as my game of the year for various reasons, some I’m sure will disagree with me, but I am taking my stand to tell you that they are wrong!

Before we go any further, I’m sure many of you out there will be thinking ‘Hey, Yo, haven’t you played Grand Theft Auto V, derrrrr that’s the game of the year.’  Yes, I have played GTAV and yes it was my game of the year…last year!  GTAV is no doubt a complete work of art, everything about it resonates success, but I played it over a year ago, so unfortunately, it doesn’t get my GOTY stamp!

FC4FarCry is in itself a work of art too.  It’s visually impressive with detail seeping through its very pores.  Everything about it, I love — the way it looks, the gameplay mechanics, the setting and the sheer amount of things that there are to do to keep you going for hours upon hours.

Set in Kyrat, a fictional expanse of the Himalayas, you play Ajay Ghale, an American raised Kyratian whose mother fled her home country because of civil conflict and political unrest.  Ajay’s father was apparently murdered soon after setting up the rebel movement of The Golden Path and upon your arrival, you are quickly sucked into the mess that is Kyrat, tasked with a ‘Second coming of Christ’ type intervention of freedom and liberty.640px-FC4_PREVIEWS_GLA87_EXPLOSION-1280x720

 At first glance, I was so impressed by the visuals that I spent a good 10 minutes looking closely at trees and rocks — sad I know, but the attention to detail lives up to everything that the series of FarCry has ever been.  The view distance is, as far as I can tell, unlimited.  Whilst standing on top of the tallest mountain within the game, you are able to see everything throughout Kyrat from the furthest tree to the giant bear just below you.  The explosions are close to, if not the best I have ever seen in a game.  Blasting cars has never been so much fun when the petrol tank ignites  causing an amazing mushroom cloud of fire and smoke.  What more can I say, the graphics are great.

As with every FarCry, the open world experience is immersive and dense with hardly any ‘free space’ on the map to swing a Snow Leopard.  As you traverse the landscape, you will come across orange ?’s on your map which unlock hidden areas that are like little anecdotes to explore.  I managed to find some nutcases torture dungeon which was pretty cool to look around.  Along with exploration comes the action packed quests and a variety of things to do, revisiting Hunter and Assassination Quests with Belltowers and Outposts to liberate too.  Of course we can also expect to see various collectables throughout the game.

FC42The gameplay is fairly similar to FarCry 3, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I enjoyed FarCry 3 so much that I earned my first Platinum Trophy playing it and this is the exact reason why I was so excited to play the 4th installment.  There is a huge array of weapons ranging from pistols to automatic rifles to Grenade launchers to Bows, not to mention the signature weapons that are customised additions to the selection.

I have spent most of my time so far within the game literally wandering like a nomad.  As I said earlier, I love the way it looks and the little exploration areas add to your enjoyment.  Despite my hate for collectibles, FarCry actually brings out the hoarder within me.  Grabbing masks, unlocking loot chests and ripping down propaganda posters has finally become fun, especially whilst being chased by a pack of wolves.  There is no doubt that there is a lot to do.

640px-FC4Screenshot8The storyline has been reported as questionable within the main stream gaming media.  I wouldn’t like to comment to avoid spoilers anyway and admittedly I’m not very far into it at all.  So far though, the missions seem diverse and the storyline definitely has substance, but like I say, I’m not too far into it.  I will say however that there are many different endings depending on the path that you take throughout the game; whether you decide to align with The Golden Path or not for example, among lots of other choices.

I can’t stress enough how pleased I am with FarCry 4.  My year so far has been full of disappointment with new games and I’m still waiting for the PS+ offering of DriveClub so it is really refreshing aswell as incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling to play.  Of course, no game is perfect and as always there are things I would change.  There is a lack of destruction within the game, despite trees and grass catching fire that spreads really realistically, trees don’t fall and very little breaks apart.  The Coop mode is a great offering, but if you are the ‘guest’ joining a friends game, then you are unable to complete quests and collectables for your own progress, it only counts towards the hosts.  This renders Coop mode pretty pointless for the second player as they aren’t getting anything out of it at all.  Thirdly and finally, even though the map is dense with foliage and other natural occurences, enemy soldiers seem to be far and few between, unlike FarCry 3 where there was always someone around to shoot.  In spite of this, there are a lot of randomly generated Karma quests which pop up every now and again.

But like I said, FarCry 4 is my game of the year, I haven’t enjoyed playing a game this much since Infamous: Second Son, and even still, FarCry surpasses that.  Great job from Ubisoft!

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