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Hello all and welcome back to Playstation Base, as always, I hope you are feeling fine!

This year has been a strange year for the gaming industry.  With Next-Gen well underway for (just) over a year, we have seen a glimpse of what could be in store for us over the next 6-8 years.  The next generations are always exciting as we look forward to seeing better graphics, better functions within the game and in its entirety, a better experience.  Has this year been as good as last year was for gaming?  Lets discuss!

The gaming media are extremely resourceful when it comes to creating hype for a game.  We see the same accolades for every game; ‘Game Of The Year,’ ’10 out of 10,’ and it becomes a bit repetitive.  We see an almost constant stream of trailers, gameplay trailers, multiplayer trailers, the first 15 minutes of the campaign.  It seems that nowadays we get to see the entire game before we even play it, leaving nothing for the imagination whatsoever.

Destiny_box_artDoes this create hype or ruin the surprise though?  Well I would say a bit of both.  I understand that publishers face lots of competition in this industry and therefore need to keep reminding us about their ‘awesome’ new game, but I think that too much is revealed by release date.  Gamers will always be excited by the prospect of new things in their games of course, and hype will therefore be created naturally, but its the fabricated hype that I have an issue with.

At times, we are reminded a little too often.  For example, in the run up to Destiny, my Twitter feed was inundated with information about it.  Destiny is a great example of over-hype.  It was probably the most anticipated game of all time with everyone talking about it, wishing the days away until they can finally play.  By the time of its release, the hype was so strong that the Game-verse erupted in unison.  Once people had gotten over the excitement, that was it, the game died.  I personally found the game boring, disappointing and empty.  This isn’t a review on Destiny of course, but my point is that this game did not live up to, or anywhere near its hype.

Watch_Dogs_box_artAnother game that met the same fate as Destiny, for me, was Watchdogs.  Watchdogs was the first large open world extravaganza for Next-Gen.  There, again, was a lot of hype revolving around it.  Since its announcement at E3 a couple of years back, the ambition portrayed by Ubisoft at the time took the world by the balls and gave them a squeeze, forcing us all into submission.  Again, my Twitter feed was going nuts leading up to release day, ensuring the hype engulfed every gamer and I, myself couldn’t wait to play it.  Just like Destiny, WatchDogs bored me.  I think I only racked up about 4 hours on it in total before trading it in.

So instead of getting into writing a list of games that disappointed me this year, I will instead point out that if either of these games had not received as much hype, our expectations would have been lowered resulting in us possibly having more fun with the game. 

I expected so much from Destiny.  I expected it to be the best game I had ever played and it could have been!  Despite all of the missing bits and pieces (such as a story and content to stop the game being repetitive), should the gaming media not have emotionally abused me for the preceding couple of months, I may not have expected it to be the best game I had ever played and may have actually enjoyed it because of my reduced expectations.

Again, I will say that I understand that creating hype is good advertisement and therefore generates more revenue, but there needs to be a healthy balance to avoid the consumers disappointment with the end product.

I hope you all enjoyed the read, let me know what you think about hyping video games too!  Check back soon for my review on the amazing Far Cry 4.  I have only just completed the prologue, but already…Wow.  So don’t miss out on that, I also intend to post some gameplay footage from myself also, so don’t miss out!

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