Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare?


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The Call of Duty franchise is probably the biggest within all of gaming.  People of all ages, whether they be men or women, flock to purchase the latest installment every year!  It quickly became a $billion franchise, with each game reaching $1 billion in revenue within a week of its release, which is impressive.

Call of Duty though, for me, has become a stale series of recent times.  Nothing really changes which means that year upon year, we essentially flock to buy the same game, but with different maps.  Activision, when announcing the game, promised a complete evolution of the previous titles, more innovation – a better game.  With Sledgehammer Games being tasked with developement of Advanced Warfare, something they haven’t done since Modern Warfare 3, we would hope the game to be a breath of fresh air.  A revival.

call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-biolab-3-on-1-790x444I am yet to play the Campaign purely due to a lack of available time and I would like to be able to put at least a couple of hours into it in order to get the full flavour, so I obviously wouldn’t be able to comment.  However, based on a bit of research and videos I have seen, I will say that it definately looks up my street!  On the down side, it is reported to last between 6 and 8 hours to finish, which by any standard, isn’t very long at all.

On to the Multiplayer!  As I said earlier, Activision promised innovation and evolution and I expect them to be referring to the Multiplayer side of things considering this is the thing that the majority of CODders spend their time playing. 

There is innovation for sure, but evolution, possibly not.  I’ve managed to rack up a few hours so far, not a great deal admittedly, but enough to be able to give an opinion and at first glance the game feels a lot more mature.  The game no longer feels like a frenzied sprint around maps, blasting everything in your way.  Movement speed of your character seems much slower; as if the Exo-Suit has increased the weight.  This makes the game much more enjoyable for me.  Being able to move at a slower pace, creeping and checking your openings before moving on means that the game becomes a little more tactical and soldier-like.  For the first time in my entire CODding life, players are actually running around in teams!  Again, this could be due to the lack of frenzy that there is now, but this makes the game much more strategic and ultimately more fun to play.

2693398-call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-multiplayer-screenshots-4Graphically though, online isn’t quite what I was expecting.  The textures are still very smooth and standard.  There isn’t a great deal of difference between AW and Ghosts to be fair, so therefore I’m not overly impressed.  It is easy on the eye though and quite colourful and apart from the textures, it does indeed look good.  Unfortunately, the textures  create the level of detail which forces me to knock a couple of marks off I’m afraid.

The maps too seem larger, again decreasing your movement speed due to less ground being covered per second.  None so far have really jumped out at me to say ‘Wow, I love this map’, yet they are big and filled with nice obstacles and buildings, resulting in some pretty good shoot outs involving a few different players.

So, we would expect there to be improvements in graphics and different maps, yet we are still to see any innovation!  Well, I guess the innovation that Activision were referring to was the arrival of the Exo-Suit.  The Exo-Suit is a good addition to Call Of Duty, allowing you to double jump and boost in any direction.  You can also equip different skills to your Exo-Suit which give you speed boosts, health boosts or temporary invisibility.

The Kill-streaks within the Online seem to be exceptionally difficult to earn.  A simple UAV requires  around 500 points, which can be at least 5 kills, depending on the mode you are playing, although once I’ve learnt the maps and how to use the Exo-Suit efficiently, hopefully it will become a bit easier.  The Kill-streaks themselves though aren’t too different from what we have seen before.  They have all advanced in technology of course, but the premice of them remains the same.  I did get to use a Solar Burn (or something along those lines) which was essentially a burning sun ray that you manually control, although I must say, I didn’t even manage to hit any one with it (MeGaLolz)


The main stream gaming media are forever promoting Call Of Duty as a franchise anyway, which creates hype and inevitable disappointment.  Call Of Duty: Advanced Warefare was very disappointing for me.  I expected a complete evolutuion of the game, but couldn’t find any major changes barring the addition of the Exo-Suit, which ended up being a couple of months late considering I have been double jumping around the maps of Destiny since it was released.  Cars don’t blow up, the environment doesn’t degrade at all and in all honesty, I only found the nerve to buy it to fill the gap between then and Far Cry 4.  It is an arena shooter at the end of the day, so maybe it just doesn’t offer what I want from a game anymore, blame that on me becoming more mature as a gamer or even my expectations of ‘next-gen’, but essentially, it isn’t the best thing I’ve played this year.

Check back soon for my review on Farcry 4 which was released today and I intend to record and post the first hour of my experiences within it also!

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