Exciting Times…My List of Must Haves!


Hi Guys!  Welcome back to Playstation Base!  Hope you are all feeling fine!

The next few months are to be exciting ones.  We’ve had many huge announcements over the summer and now that all the great shows like E3 and Gamescom are out of the way, I thought I would collate a list of games that I cannot wait for!

220px-Far_Cry_4_box_artFirst up is Far Cry 4 which is due out on November 18th and this could well be my best shooter of the year!  We have just under a week until release and I am counting the days until I finally get a chance to play it.  Far Cry 3 was another great offering that I experienced through Playstation Plus and I enjoyed it so much that I earned my first Platinum Trophy playing it!  It really was a great game boasting the right amount of story, the right amount of side quests, each being different from the last and a much varied arsenal.  I would expect Far Cry 4 to be even better and from what I have seen so far, I doubt I will be wrong.

220px-Dragon_Age_Inquisition_BoxArtAnother title on my hit list is Dragon Age: Inquisition and is due for release on November 21st.  I love a good RPG and Dragon Age looks impressive.  Aside from its next-gen graphics, the game play appears to be equally so, enabling you to stop time in order to issue orders to others within your party among many other things.  It has been a while since I got my teeth stuck into a game like this, so my excitement comes with the prospect of playing a game that might actually take me more than 10 hours to finish.  Bring on the Inquisition!

220px-The_Crew_box_artA couple of weeks after Dragon Age, hits The Crew on December 2nd.  With DriveClub still hanging in the balance due to its indefinite delay on Playstation Plus, I am yet to play a next-gen racer.  The Crew however is my choice of racer and it looks insane!  The Crew is completely open world.  You can drive around America in its entirety, populated by famous landmarks, dynamic weather systems and landscapes.  Ivory Tower also told us that once in-game, there would be absolutely ZERO loading screens.  Welcome to next-gen!

The_Order_1886_Cover_ArtDue on February 20th 2015, the Playstation exclusive ‘The Order: 1886’.  This 3rd person shooter is highly anticipated among all Playstation users and it is easy to see why.  In an alternate London, the year is 1886 and the world is filled with half-breed monsters who have immense animal strength and is The Orders job to restore wellbeing, including the rich/poor civil war currently being fought.  The setting is a macabre one and developers Santa Monica have used the element of darkness really well from what I have seen from the trailers so far.  I.  Cant.  Wait.

220px-Dead_Island_2_cover_artDead Island 2 is showing on PSN as due for release April 1st 2015, however I can’t find this being confirmed anywhere else other than ‘Spring 2015’.  The second installment for the Dead Island Series is a complete evolution of its predecessor with more gore, more weapons, more goofiness and therefore, more fun!  Dead Island is a fun, yet action packed zombie game where you roam an open world, collecting loot to craft and create new items.  Because of Dead Island’s huge success and the amount I loved playing it, Dead Island 2 finds itself on my list of must haves!

ff15I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy Series.  Square Enix are one of my all time favourite developers, their games are graphically pioneering with storylines second to none.  The amount of detail and imagination that goes into these games really is what makes the series, so there is no surprise that Final Fantasy 15 has made it on to my list at all.  Final Fantasy 15 was originally announced at E3 back in 2006 under the title of Final Fantasy Versus, which flopped and was revived as ’15’.  There isn’t much more to say about it other than this will be a really great game, I’m sure.  This will also be the first game in the series to change to a  Kingdom Of Hearts-esque type battle system which should make the game much more fast paced and appealing to the larger audience.  We haven’t yet been awarded with a release date, however Squenix have said that they have one set, they just aren’t willing to share yet.

220px-No_Mans_Sky_logoThe last game on my list is the most surprising thing to come out of E3 this year.  No Mans Sky.  Hello games are an up and coming studio, already finding success with indie game Joe Danger.  With Minecraft being an influence for the developement of this game, it would be hard for me to ignore considering the amount of time I have spent playing it!  No Mans Sky is a journey to the centre of the Universe.  Beginning on the edges of space and journeying from planet to planet, you are tasked with not only the journey, but with survival.  The size of the games map is said to be humungous, with billions of unique planets, each with its own ecology.  It has been reported that it would take you over a billion years to visit each planet and spend just 1 second on each and yes, I mean real years.  Despite all of the AAA games being announced at E3, across multiple platforms, No Mans Sky really stole the show and has become one of the hottest titles to come in 2015.slogo.jpg

The truth is, there are many more games that I am waiting to play such as The Witcher 3, Battlefield Hardline, The Division, Evolve and even Little Big Planet 3, but the ones listed above are the ones I have chosen to talk about.  Let me know what games you cannot wait for and why! 

Tune in soon for more Netflix suggestions and a review of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare!


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