Gaming isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago…


Hey, and welcome back to Playstation Base!  Hope you are all feeling fine and enjoyed your weekend!

It’s time to discuss something that has been wearing me down over the past year or two.  Despite being only 24, I do actually have over 20 years of experience with playing video games (yes really).  My earliest memory in fact is my Dad ripping up desks from the computer room (soon to be my bedroom) to make room for my sister who was due to be born in the month of November 1993.  Nostalgia aside, my point is that I clearly remember playing consoles such as the Amiga and Sega Master System at that age.

imagesCALXRB39I still am a fan of retro gaming and am known to play through old versions of Mario and games like Blackthorne, Contra Spirits and Sunset Riders.  Hands up for who remembers those games!  This was the golden era of gaming, before it became advanced and confusing with people screaming obscenities at each other over the internet.  Yes, games are more advanced nowadays, they look better, play better, feel better, but are they better better?  Do they really hit the sweet spot that the old Sonic games do for example?

Here me out at least!


difficultyGames used to be DIFFICULT!  I remember getting stuck on some bits and when I say stuck, I mean soldered, nailed, screwed and glued kind of stuck!  Controllers would be thrown, subsequently pinging back at you because controllers had wires back then (wires I  hear you say, what does that mean?).  Games have become a bit of a brainwash of recent times, you drone through them with ease and upon completion will trade it in for a new one.  In the days of the SNES, it would be a feat in itself to even see what the end boss looks like and if you die, you start the entire game again.  Games would bring challenge to you, there would be actual strategies on how to win, how to beat it.  Nowadays, I play every single title on hard, not because I’m necessarily the best gamer, but because games just don’t bring the smackdown any more.  Can you remember the last time you were actually stuck on a game?  I don’t mean where you’ve been playing a game for too long and become bored and complacent, I mean soldered, nailed, screwed and glued kind of stuck.

Despite this, there are a couple of titles coveted with the ‘Smashed Controller’ award, the Dark Souls series being one of them, so they are out there, you just have to find them.

Bugs and Slugs

glitch20 years ago, if you played a game, you could reasonably guarantee to be able to play it without any problems.  If there was a glitch, it would be more of a hilarious talking point about how you can turn your character a dark shade of green by pressing ‘b’ four times whilst standing in a bush.  The glitches of 2014 however, are something a little more sinister.  This year has been a nonstop flow of huge bugs within games, often rendering them unplayable.  Most recently the highly anticipated DriveClub has been the latest casualty, having already been delayed after going ‘back to the drawing board.’  It was a huge disappointment upon release to see that the quality of the servers weren’t up to scratch and later we found out that in fact it was the very coding of the game that was damaged.  We have also seen similar calamities with many online EA games such as FIFA and Battlefield where games are completely unplayable.  In this day and age, we should not be having to put up with this sort of nonsense.  If I had bought a TV and it didn’t let me access a HDMI port, I would be within my rights to request a refund, same with buying out of date food for instance.  When we buy a game, we expect it to work, if it doesn’t, then it has been missold, rant over.


dlcThis is a mixed bag, some will agree, others will not, but I absolutely HATE the idea of Downloadable Content.  Why?  When I buy a game, I expect to be able to play all of it, I already pay between £50 and £60 for a game (up from the £40 to £45 of old-gen).  I understand that these games take longer to make because of the amount of processing required at any given moment, but isn’t this the reason for the initial price bump in the first place?  I never buy DLC myself.  I tend to completely disregard it for a few reasons, one being because I don’t want to spend any more money on this game (any game), the second being that I don’t believe the quality to be the same as the main part of the game and therefore not worth the money.  There is a 3rd reason, something mainly brought around by the controversy revolving around Activisions latest franchise in Destiny.  There has been so much speculation that Destiny was released unfinished and missing mountains of content, specifically the story.  Destiny was one of the most highly anticipated games of the decade, there wasn’t a single person on this rock that couldn’t wait to play it.  Once you get over the initial excitement about a game, you decide on whether you like it or not.  Destiny bored me.  Without going off topic, the new DLC for Destiny was recently announced and it has been widely speculated that the DLC is basically the missing content from the original game and not without evidence.  It had also been reported that the DLC is already on the disc and just needs to be ‘unlocked’ with some players finding ways to access it already.  This is still speculation, but reason for me to refuse Destiny’s DLC nonetheless and it also makes me wonder if this has happened in the past with other games.

Free 2 Play

I’m not completely against the Free 2 Play industry.  In some cases it works really well and the playability of a game can be really fluid and still fun to play, however, there are cases in which this couldn’t be further from the fact.  The F2P industry is already worth upwards of a billion dollars, this is mainly due to its most common format being on smartphones.  This created the micro-transaction industry and paved a completely new way for gaming.  The good games really are good games, and no doubt that there will be more of them, but the bad ones are really bad.  In these cases, the game play can be really bitty, you have to come back after 5 hours to ensure some stupid house that means nothing has been built, but wait, you can purchase power crystals to speed things up!  Not for me.  These games just aren’t interesting enough for me to buy anything, this is why they are free 2 play for God’s sake!  There has also been speculation that maybe one day the entire gaming industry will be run on a free 2 play model.  Lets hope this will never be the case.

Gaming really has changed over the last 20 years, some changes are astronomically awesome, whereas some are satanically poor and wallet heavy, but still, we battle on, gun in hand, gaining levels and earning trophies.

Peace out people!  Check back soon for my review on Shadow of Mordor, the latest game from Monolith Productions!


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3 responses to “Gaming isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago…

  1. Gaming turned into a business, and with a worth that rose above even music, every ambitious developer as well as every disgusting leech-like business practitioner came with it.


  2. The play station battle Royale game is an extreme survival mod that plunges players into a bloody last man standing game-mode, with one chance to win. Its very tough to reach last level.


    • I haven’t played it myself personally. Maybe I will give it a try! Got a huge backlog at the moment though. And Farcry is due out next week, which I can’t wait for! Happy Gaming!


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