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Today, I would like to talk about quite possibly my favourite game of the year, Battlefield 4.  It would be pointless to do a review based on the fact that we have already seen the DLC for the year released, therefore you would have either played, watched or read about this game anyway, so instead I will provide you with various observations and opinions about this awesome game.

DICE are becoming one of my favourite developers in recent times and this is because of how well they have developed Battlefield and of course their innovation with Mirrors Edge.  These guys really know how to make a First Person Shooter almost a genre of its own and for me, have completely transformed what I expect to get out of them.

dam-640x379Battlefield first came about 12 years ago with Battlefield 1942 and was in my view, EA’s answer to their rivaled franchise in Call Of Duty.  I remember playing the campaigns back then, hoping that they would never end and from then on the Battlefield franchise has grown into, in my opinion, one of the finest works of art that it is today. 

Despite Battlefield 4 being a great title, EA suffered a huge backlash due to various bugs and awful game breaking glitches.  It is reported that DICE were under serious pressure to get the game released in time for the next gen hardware release of 2013 resulting in an unfinished game.  A lawsuit was raised against EA for this exact reason which in turn, we hope, has made EA a better and more fan-friendly company and now that most of these glitches have been fixed; Battlefield, a better game.

ExplosionStarting with the campaign, I was instantly amazed at the graphical engineering within each and every scene.  The textures are pure and crisp, the lighting equally so, with fine sheens reflecting off nearly every surface.  Battlefield really sets a standard for its level of detail and undeniable quality.  The cinematics are also like flicks through the best parts of an action movie with collapsing buildings and helicopter crashes all in the first mission.  Later on we see  a huge battle cruiser break in half which visually, was one of the best cinematics I’ve witnessed to date!  The way the water crashes around and the movement of the ship as you ride its deck is enough to give the most sturdy of sailors sea sickness and this is exactly the type of thing i expect to see in an action games cinematics.  Many have criticised the campaign for the lack of depth within its story, but I actually didn’t find it too cumbersome, but this could well be to do with how much I actually enjoyed playing it. 

Campaign aside, the Multiplayer is what the majority of gamers will be spending the majority of their time playing and again, it is incredible.  Battlefield 4 recently won the coveted award for ‘Best Multiplayer Game’ and I can really see why.  As I have said previously, I have spent most of the past year playing this game online and I cant remember having as much fun in an online shooter since Call Of Duty:MW3.  The maps are stupendously dynamic, even more so than its predecessor. You will struggle to find any thing that doesnt break or blow apart, whether it be a wooden fence, gas tank, buildings or even the ground below you and this in turn creates so much scope for the way the game can be played, inevitably influencing your strategies as you go along. Campers beware!

skyscraper-640x379There is a number of game modes, each unique with different mission types to keep you occupied, each bringing its own swerve to the table.  I personally tend to play Rush, a fast paced, progressive attack and defend style gametype where players will battle to attack and defend bases in order to win. 

Playing online is complete carnage.  As you traverse the landscape, real time bullet fire from other players is deafening where ever you are on the map, explosions are extensive with debris falling from the sky for upto 15 seconds.  In some cases, you will find yourselves in a standoff with maybe 10 teammates fighting off a spearheaded attack from waves upon waves of enemies.  Grenades will fly, bullets will zoom past you, bodies will get blasted away; occasionally I have to cheer at how good some of these scenes are and how realistic it can really be.

Many will find Battlefield to be a difficult game to play online, and yes, it really is difficult.  My Kill:Death ratio I guarantee is shocking, but there’s an old saying ‘Its not the winning that counts, its the taking part’ and for once, I will agree.  Battlefield is extremely team based.  If your squad isnt pulling its weight and doing what needs to be done, you will lose.  If nobody is laying down healthpacks, you will lose.  If no one wants to protect the areas you are meant to be defending, you will lose.  Back in my days of Call Of Duty, all of my time would be devoted to increasing my Kill:Death ratio, with Battlefield, I just want to win!

My obsession with the game has become something of an issue.  I might be playing Destiny for example, yet I’ll still be thinking about Battlefield as if its my filthy mistress.  I love this game a little too much (possibly).


Moving on from this though, I am really excited to see more of Battlefield: Hardline which is due for release in March 2015.  Having played the Beta, I was really impressed at how much more fast paced it was and this is owed to the Cops vs Robbers setting.  Despite Hardline not being developed by DICE (the first in the franchise), I still expect it to be at the same quality as we have seen from its predecessors, especially as it was delayed by 4 months, which I’m sure relates back to EA’s fan friendly service that they are supposedly now providing.

Thats my take on Battlefield 4, if you haven’t yet played it, then I emplore you to do so!  Stay tuned for my review on Monolith Productions newest work, Shadow of Mordor!

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