Return of Wolfen-fine!


Wassup you beautiful people and welcome back to PlayStation Base! I hope you are all feeling fine!

I have finally finished Bethesda’s reboot of Wolfenstein and wow what a game! It took me a while, what with switching in between the library of games I have saved onto my PS4’s hard drive , but I got there eventually (and that is what counts!)

Wolfenstein was originally released back in 1992; it was the first, First Person Shooter to have ever been made, paving the way for every single FPS since. The sequels of the revolutionary game were a little hit and miss, but now that Bethesda are in charge, I was excited to see what they were able to produce. Machine Games, who developed the title say they started the process back in 2010, so with more than 3 years in the making, let’s enter Wolfenstein.

300px-WolfNewOrder_x64_2014-05-25_17-28-05-79_bmpSet in an alternative 1960, where the Nazi’s won World War 2, Hitler’s expensive science experiments have looked to have paid off with his arsenal including giant robots and other mutant like creatures. You play the role of William Blazkowicz, a soldier tasked with launching the offensive against those Kraut B******s, whilst overcoming other ‘obstacles’ throughout the story.

First impressions are make and break for me with games, if I’m not instantly impressed, it’s likely that I will never be. Upon booting up, I was immediately reminded of Dishonoured, another work of Bethesda. The textures and the way the characters are built are almost identical; the game has a dark feeling, something you would expect from a tyrannous Nazi regime anyway, but the mood is set from the off and already start to feel as though ‘the world is in your hands’. Stealth kills are also an important element within the game, moving away slightly from the traditional ‘all-guns-blazing’ Wolfenstein we are used to and again, linking in to Dishonoured.

wolfensteinI really enjoyed the game itself. I’m usually not one for stealth games, so I tend to go in guns blazing anyway, but nothing pleased me more than blasting away Nazi scum whilst dual-wielding assault rifles. I actually can’t remember the last time I was able to dual-wield in a shooter (Skyrim doesn’t count) and thank God for Wolfenstein for this! There is more to this game than just running around and double gunning, there is more to it. Every mission is a dungeon-type level, staying true to the Wolfenstein way of life. Each dungeon is labyrinthine with twists and turns to explore, (and get lost in) each complete with various collectables such as pieces of the Enigma Code and gold artefacts which in turn unlock various goodies. Again, I don’t really do collectables; I find these more of a way for devs to add an illusive ’10 hours of gameplay’, but, it’s there should you need or want it.

With every good, comes the bad, and Wolfenstein is no exception. No game is perfect, I will admit, but there are just a couple of things that annoy me with old Wolfy. The cut scenes are unbearably long and reasonably boring! Considering Wolfenstein is pretty much an action game that doesn’t really need a story, does it really need 10 minute long cut scenes at the beginning and end of every level? I love a good storyline, but they need to be placed strategically within games for them to work well. With Wolfenstein, I feel like walking to the kitchen to get a drink and a snack, as if they were poor commercials stuck inbetween two halves of a movie you are watching on ITV2. JUST LET ME SHOOT!

The second thing that really grinds my gears with this game is picking up ammo. In traditional shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, when you kill someone, you walk over their bodies and automatically pick up the goods, with this, you have to run around, looking at the floor and mashing Square (whilst dodging bullets). It doesn’t sound too bad reading it back, but trust me, try picking up ammo when you have none, whilst dodging bullets and trying to stay alive. Also, the amounts you pick up can be minimal and there have been times where only a single bullet has been salvaged, at the cost of all of my armour. *angry face*.wolfenstein-the-new-order_screenshot2

Those are really the only 2 gripes I have! As I said earlier, I really enjoyed it; it isn’t the best game I’ve ever played, however, but it is a solid development that is so much fun to play. Also, make sure you catch the Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg which allows you to play the first level of the original Wolfy in glorious High Definition, well, the same High Definition that you see in Minecraft at least.

Tune in again soon for my review of my past years’ experience of Battlefield 4 and how much fun I’ve had playing Monolith Productions latest prodigy, Shadow of Mordor!

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