We’re back! (Well, just me)

Welcome back to Playstation Base! It’s been a year (A YEAR!) since my last post!

I suppose I should explain for why I have been ‘offline’ for so long, so here goes!

When I originally started Playstation Base, I wanted to provide honest opinions about the gaming industry, as and when news came in, but of course, I pretty much immediately turned against my game plan and ended up reporting news instead! Smart!

Being a one-man-band, with a full-time job, it became increasingly difficult to report news quickly and efficiently and being a one-man-band, there is only so much you can do between getting home from work and going to bed whilst remembering to eat inbetween.

I miss writing and giving my opinon (and I have so many!), and am now ready to come back and attack!

A lot has happened within this past year. We have seen the introduction of the greatest generation of gaming ever with the PS4 and Xbox One, lots of reboots, even more delays and finally the dream of VR gaming has become, albeit distant, but yet still a reality.

There are lots to be excited about, admittedly probably not for 2014, but eventually we will all soon be revelling in our VR headsets, and playing 1886: The New Order whilst casually dressed in nothing more than our underwear.

So what has the last year brought me personally? Well, I’ve played and completed an entire land-fill’s worth of games (no none of them was E.T), acquired myself a PS4 and have also continued to tick off my ‘things to watch’ list on Netflix.

Of the titles I have managed to slay, a couple really stand out as ones ‘not to miss’, so if you haven’t already, BUY THEM NOW!

The first to mention absolutely has to be, South Park: The Stick of Truth. We all remember the previous titles, I played them on the N64, but Stick of Truth has surpassed expectations in every way. It’s perfect storyline boasts no holds barred toilet humour and tickles the politically incorrect into fits of laughter, not to mention all of the references to iconic South Park episodes such as Man-Bear-Pig, Chinpokemon and the Invasion of the Homeless to name a few.

But sure, if I wanted to laugh at Cartman’s fat face for 15 hours, I could just watch 30 episodes of South Park, but is it a good game? In a word, yes! SoT is a turn based RPG where you battle foes with swords and magic just like any other, but the weapons are a little… improvised, shall we say (but in a good and innovative way). Cartman for example, is the Grand Wizard of South Park and his flame burst attack is essentially a firework (because no-one can actually shoot fire from their palms!)

What I really loved about this game, was it playing and feeling exactly like a South Park episode. The plot was fun and intuitive, progressing really fluently with the town becoming under more and more pressure as the story develops. I actually enjoyed being a 2D avatar bouncing around (as South Park characters do) the similarly 2D map, it made it authentic to the true form of South Park and it could be said to be a little brave for doing so.

There are 4 classes to choose from, the 3 usual Mage, Warrior and Rogue classes with the addition of the world debut of The Jew. Yes, you heard right, you can set your job class to ‘The Jew’. I inevitably went for the Mage class and can honestly say I had probably way too much fun playing this game!


My second mention will be the next gen marvel that is Infamous: Second Son. Now, before I begin, I have to announce that the first 2 of the series weren’t quite my favourites. I had played Prototype before Infamous and essentially believed they were too alike for me to play the game again. However, when Second Son was announced at E3 last year, my brain bled for about 3 weeks.

The animation within this game is absolutely spot on. During cinematic, the faces of the characters move and look perfectly accurate. Faces wrinkle whilst speaking, eye’s no longer look lifeless and the lip-syncing is so on-point, a deaf person could lip-read them. What excited me the most about this game (aside from it being the only PS4 exclusive to be released this year, barring DriveClub) was being able to see what a Next Gen open world game would look and play like. Graphics aside, as phenomenal as they are, the game itself is again, one that I enjoyed. There are 4 cool powers to collect as you progress through the game, Smoke being the first, and they all grant different ways of travelling around the map and battling enemies. The only let down for me is that the last power is gained pretty much at the very end of the game, therefore, there isn’t a lot of game-time to use it, which is a shame. It also only took me about 10 hours to beat, which isn’t very long for the £55 I paid for it, but it is worth the money just to experience a true next gen game, when most of what we have seen so far has been cross gen PS3 upscales.

So those are the 2 big ones for me, the must haves.

As I mentioned earlier, I have played an entire landfill’s worth of games, including Beyond: Two Souls, which bored the hell out of me, the new(est) Castlevania which offered nothing new since the first God Of War was released, Battlefield 4, which I will post about later, and Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns, which I just couldn’t get to grips with. Maybe I am getting a little picky as I’m getting older, but I have played probably 10’s of thousands of games over the past 20 years, so it really does take something special to amaze me.

Well I hope you enjoyed this long awaited post, it was a long one spanning nearly 1000 words, which isn’t usually my style so I apologise for that, check back soon for my full PS4 review and my article about the ‘Evolution of the First Person Shooter’, among other little Playstation anecdotes.


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