Playstation 4 – Sony’s Conference at Gamescom

gamescomOk guys, the final piece of the Playstation 4 puzzle is a mere hour and a half away as I write this.  My excitement cannot be contained, even by the strongest of materials, and I wait with bated breath for that all important release date.

Of course the release date isn’t the only thing Sony will be announcing, we can also expect an announcement for a price drop for the Vita, penned at $200 dollars, which means the UK will likely see a £150 price tag.  We can also expect to see more from the much anticipated title The Last Order: 1866.  We haven’t heard a great deal since Sony’s last conference, so I can’t wait to see more of that!

sackboyI would expect also to see maybe some more Grand Theft Auto V, especially as there will be exclusive content for the Playstation, more Final Fantasy 15 and possibly some more Indie titles, since Playstation have vowed to be their corporate allies.  We will also get to see what Little Big Planet creators, Media Molecule are working on, since their acknowledgement of moving away from the popular franchise.  It is now known that the majority of the team haven’t been working on Vita title, Tearaway, so this particulare announcement will be exciting.

But don’t forget, this is Gamescom, the biggest video game expo around, so it’s not just going to be Sony making announcements during this week, with EA and Ubisoft also confirmed to hold conferences, showing more of Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs, respectively.  Could we even see more of the newly announced Star Wars Battlefront, currently in development from DICE?

I will be tuning in at 6PM tonight to watch the Sony Press Conference, (click here for the live stream).  For those that won’t be watching, be sure to check back for all of the latest Playstation announcements!

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