Square Enix: 7 Games Lined up for Gamescom!

square enixGamescom is wildly approaching, with just a week to go. There is much hype around the Sony Press Conference, which is promised to be huge, but Sony aren’t the only ones with things to reveal.

It is no secret that Square Enix are struggling, recording upwards of $15 million in losses for last year alone.  Their most recent Final Fantasy Series hasn’t been accepted well in the community, and their original Final Fantasy Online title was pulled completely which obviously wouldn’t have helped.  But then their hasn’t been a lot out there from Square Enix recently to bring in new revenue and the reason is because they have been saving up a whole bunch of titles, to be revealed at Gamescom.

featured image FFFinal Fantasy: A Realm Reborn is due for release August 27th, to start the whirlwind off.  I am actually taking part in the Beta Test Phase this coming weekend, so I am extremely excited for that!


gamescomSquenix have announced that they will show a whopping 7 titles at Gamescom next weekend.  There will be 2 Final Fantasy titles, the aforementioned Realm Reborn and Lightning Returns.  There is also the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X/X-2.  We will also see a couple of sequels in Thief and Deus Ex: The Fall.  There most important show, for me, will be new IP, Murdered: Soul Suspect, a unique 3rd person puzzle adventure, where you take the role of a ghost trying to solve his own murder.  Check out the E3 Trailer:

So, lots of exciting stuff there for Square Enix to show, something I would expect to bring them into profitability.  They have been saving themselves for this year it seems, attempting to make everything perfect.

Let’s see how they get on!

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