How To Survive!


After my post yesterday about DayZ, it only made me want to play it more, so I tried to find an alternative, available now, on the PS3.  I mentioned before that I am yet to play DayZ, but the concept excites me to the core, so I scoured the internet for any title that may have skipped my radar with a Zombie game based around survival.

Now, because DayZ is the first of it’s kind, there actually aren’t any games out there already like it.  The closest I found is actually due for release this Autumn, so we are looking at September-November I suppose (possibly even a PS4 release title).  Hopefully, it is more September as I am equally as excited about this game!

htsgp‘How To Survive’ by 505 Games was announced back in May, a top-down zombie survival shooter with a ‘robust crafting system’ and unique survival elements.  Just like DayZ, you will traverse the map in search of the most fundamental equipment such as food, weapons, ammo and crafting equipment.  You will be able to craft anything from weapons to useable items such as a fishing rod, but it is so far unclear if the crafting system will be as extensive as Minecraft’s for instance.  As you can see from the screenshot, there are different types of zombies too.  The standard Runners, exploding Bloaters and there are even different and stronger types that only come out at night!  There are also a whole host of playable characters and the game can be played locally or online, so invite all your friends!

htsgp1This title will surely bring you joy, hacking zombies and picking up all the different bits and pieces.  Although it is similar to DayZ only in concept, it is one of the first games to be available on the PS3 from the survival genre and should in my opinion, do well.

The game on the whole looks really cool, with nice graphics and top down view, it sort of reminds me of Dead Nation, another game I enjoyed!

I certainly will be playing this and will review it properly upon release!

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