DayZ for PS4?


The world is becoming fixated with zombies.  Whether it’s stealth killing Clickers in the Last Of Us, surviving as many waves as possible with Black Ops, or popping heads in Resident Evil.

It seems that the zombie virus is infecting our games at a fast rate with more and more titles turning to the horror genre.  They always list them as ‘survival horror’ but survival never see seems to be the key element, at least not in the truest sense of the word anyway.

Have you ever heard of the ARMA 2 mod for PC, DayZ?  The mod alone registered over a million users within 3 months of release and actually accredited over 300,000 sales for ARMA 2, which is extremely successful for a game where you need to purchase another game in order to play.  Imagine needing Final Fantasy XIII-2 to play a Realm Reborn?


DayZ is set in post apocalyptic Russia, where a deadly virus is infecting everyone and your job is simply to survive.  Sound easy?  Well DayZ is an MMO, so it’s not just the zombies you need to worry about.  You will spend your time exploring the huge 225km square map in search for useful materials, such as food, ammo, weapons and craft gear to create make-shift items such as grenades or poison.  What you have to remember is that your job is to survive.  Using as little ammo as possible, not attracting too much attention to yourself and checking buildings at the door for danger are popular ways to stay alive, but other players are just as much foe as friend.  The other players in the game can act as they wish, kill you for your supplies, help you, lure you in to a trap, they may even decide to join you on your journey.

dayz2What makes this game so unique is that it fits the survival genre perfectly.  It is a complete image of what the world would be.  You get hungry, you break bones, you bleed and you have to keep your blood sugar up as well as thirst levels.  You even need medicine, in case you get sick.  I haven’t played DayZ, but am forever watching the Youtube gameplay series’ that are available and it looks amazing!  Everything a Zombie Survival game need, it sort of defines the survival genre, this is what it’s about!

The developer of DayZ (Dean Hall), has now teamed up with ARMA 2 creators, Bohemia interactive, to build a standalone version of the game for the PC.  Now this doesn’t confirm anything for consoles as such, but the developers of DayZ have said that if the standalone version does well on PC, then it could well come to console.

I would be hugely surprised if the standalone doesn’t do well.  With the amount of sales already, it would be insane to not see those people convert to what would be a more stable, complete version of the game, not to mention those that want to play but don’t want to fork out for ARMA 2 (like me for example).  Then there are those that have never heard of DayZ and will inevitably flock to it just as they did Minecraft, which is a very similar concept.

Upon researching a little more, Hall stated that the PS4 would be the preferred platform due to the Xbox One’s ‘unfriendly Indie policies’.  But with a few One-80s already with the already controversial platform, who knows what else they might turn their back on, but I expect DayZ will be a great console game upon it’s release.

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