The RockStar Sequels!


Rockstar are arguably one of the most successful developement teams when it comes to gaming.  With so many awesome, world famous titles, it has generated millions under Take-Two Interactive and countless hours of fun and destruction for gamers across the world.

With GTA V due out in a matter of weeks, their is only speculation for what would be the next title to come from Rockstar.  Recently, the trademark for the unreleased ‘Agent’ was renewed, spurring beliefs it would be released on PS4 at some point, but now it seems that Rockstar are unleashing a 3-pronged attack on the console world with the newly renewed trademarks for Red Dead Redemption and Bully (or Canis Canem Edit for us Non-Americans).

So what does this mean?  Well, I wouldn’t expect a GTA6 to be released any time soon at all, lets put it that way and although there are no official announcements for the titles themselves, renewing a trademark is just a way to ‘get ready.’


 Red Dead Redemption is that Rootin’ Tootin’, Gunslinging, Horseriding, bad-ass cowboy game!  Some great elements for a great western right there, and Red Dead sold over 13 million copies worldwide, a number not to be sniffed at!

For me, it was a great game, the map was huge and you can’t complain over a good old fashion western game.  My dislikes for this particular title were the lack of variety of guns and ‘vehicles’, and although the plot is dated 1911, this is hard to avoid, but hopefully the sequel will have a little more innovation around this; if they can make a Zombie add-on, then surely they can introduce a couple of different weapons?!   Even though the map was huge, it was rather unpopulated, which meant running around for ages in the wilderness with little more than a cactus to look at.


Canis Canem Edit (aka Bully).  The GTA inspired school game.  I didn’t realise this game was so much loved, and have never heard any of my friends talk about it when it came out.  I think I was the only person I know who actually played it.  It is brilliant nonetheless.  If you haven’t played this before, picture Bart Simpson crossed with Tony Cipriani from GTA.  The bad-ass teenager completing tasks from fellow students.  A really interesting concept and I am looking forward to the sequel!

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