4 Days To Order Your PS4!


The Playstation 4 has been flying off the shelves since it was announced, and it’s not even out yet!  There is so much anticipation for the next gen, that at least one person is willing to buy one on Ebay for $2000, an insane amount of money.

Gamestop announced a little while ago that they had offically ‘Sold Out’ of their unlimited stock of the PS4 which only hinted further that the PS4 would be difficult to get a hold on at launch date. 

Retailers are now saying that in order to guarantee your PS4 to be delivered before Christmas, you must order it before August 5th!


That means that you have a grand total of 4 days to preorder your PS4!  I can only wonder if this is impacted by the supposed release date issued by Toys R Us…but come on, they are hardly a commendable source!  If this is the case, the PS4 will be seriously understocked and there will be nowhere near enough of them to go around!

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