The release date lies!

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I’ve seen on the internet that the release dates for both the PS4 and Xbox One have been leaked.  The Xbox One is being penned by gamers across the world for November 29th and the PS4 for December 13th due to a supposed leak from that well known market leader for electronics….Toys R Us.

Now there’s this horrible rumour going around that Xbox will have the upper hand on the PS4, having a full 2 weeks of sales and blah blah blah, but, I think that people are getting a little carried away.  What they seem to forget is that the release of the next generation of console has always been something closely guarded by their respective companies and as far as I am aware, have never known it to be leaked.  Even the way the consoles look weren’t leaked and people looking for an early peek only found themselves viewing fan-made prototype artwork.

releasedateWhat we are also forgetting, Toys R Us are hardly the forefront for electronic news, or even a market leader for consoles, so why people believe this to be the exact date of release is waaaay beyond me.  Would they even have access to this information?

What I find even more disturbing are the proposed dates.  Surely they are too late?  If the PS4 is set for release 12 days before Christmas, there will never be enough time to ship out all the pre-orders, restock and sell again in time.  Even November 29th is probably too late, especially with the hype surrounding the next generation. 

As I have previously said in another post (Here), I have penned my release date for November the 3rd, but even if it isn’t the 3rd, I would be surprised if it isn’t somewhere near.  December is plainly just too late!


Sony have announced a huge press conference at Gamescom next month, so we can expect to see a release date then, as well as the huge host of games that Sony claim are in progress.  Gamescom will most likely be the most exciting press conference yet!


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2 responses to “The release date lies!

    • It has to be sooner. December 13th is only 12 days before Christmas (and that including Christmas Eve). There’s not enough time!
      Thanks for reading!
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