PS4 vs Xbox One: Controller pricing!


4 AAgainst 2


The war between Sony and Microsoft will probably never cease, even long after the launch dates of the new consoles and I doubt we will ever see a unification of the two bitter rivals and as a result, the battle continues.

Microsoft have made it clear that the Xbox One will be an expensive way to game for the next generation, with the Xbox costing £100 more than the PS4.  With various One-80’s involving the new Xbox including the infamous DRM saga last month, it would seem that the Microsoft are almost on the backfoot when it comes to their new console. 

The pricing for controllers for both platforms has been announced, and the results are as follows.

ps4controller-4The newly designed DualShock4 controller for the PS4 is available on websites such as Zavvi and Amazon for £55.  This is quite expensive, but I would expect the price to drop after a year.  It still makes me wonder how something that is sold in such high volume can neccesitate such a high price, especially when most people will go through at least a couple of these.

The new DualShock will boast a new touchpad and as usual, rechargeable batteries and it will be really exciting to see how the touchpad will be integrated with tomorrows gaming.  The controller has been designed to better match the FPS genre, to enable players to drop-shot and earn some frags that much easier.

xbox controllerThe Xbox controller also has a preorder price showing.  But as usual, there is always a catch with Microsoft.  There isn’t just one available controller, but two!  The first being ‘The Xbox One Controller’, which is actually battery powered (as in AA disposable batteries), which is currently featuring on the MicrosoftStore website for $59.99 (around £40, but would expect it to be more in UK).  The second available controller is the specially named ‘Xbox One Controller with Play and Charge Kit’ which is available on Amazon for $69.99 (around £47, but I have seen this for £90 on AmazonUK).  A huge premium for a controller!  I genuinely cannot believe that a rechargeable controller will cost close to £100 in the UK!  Absolutely insane!

So, once again, the Xbox pricing scheme favours the Playstation agenda and it seems as though the Xbox will become a rich kids toy as opposed to a mass market alternative such as the PS4. 

Xboxers!  You only have yourself to blame!


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