Netflix – Red Lights


My Thriller Marathon continues!  I have already gifted you with two great movies and it is now time to present another.

red lightsRed Lights is another psychological thriller, starring Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver and Cilian Murphy.  Margaret Matheson and Tom Buckley are psychologists who expose ‘psychics’ that exploit people for their own personal gain.  Robert De Niro plays a world renowned psychic, who also happens to be blind, and Cilian Murphy’s character becomes obsessed with trying to expose him. 

It’s not a bad film, if your into ghosts and contacting the dead.  But, just like the 6th Sense, I guessed how De Niro’s character fulfilled his tasks from quite early on.  The big twist at the end though, I didn’t expect at all and it makes me wonder what the twist was actually supposed to be.  It’s a little scary at times, with numerous creepy occurences and little ghosty annecdotes which may even push this movie into the Horror genre.

It’s an Ok watch, but not as thrilling as Drive or The Experiment which were both amazing films.  Click on either film to check out my reviews!

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