Netflix – The Experiment




See?  I told you I would review more of Netflix!  Did you guys enjoy Drive? (Here’s the review).  Awesome wasn’t it?

I’ve had a taste for sick, violent Thrillers after Drive, so I decided to try and find something equally as… thrilling  (excuse the pun)

experimentThe Experiment was my choice, and I got a hell of a lot more than I bargained for.  If you are watching this in the mindset of it being a prison drama, think again.  A government funded psychological study is led by a group of scientists to set up a mock prison and study the behavior of 26 normal people, who are assigned to be either a guard or a prisoner.  I think there was an actual study exactly like this, but I’d have to do my research on that one.

The candidates are offered $14,000 if they complete a 2 week stint whilst maintaining their roles.  It all starts off fairly jovial, but with some deliberately ambiguous rules set by the scientists, things become that bit more serious.

The film itself was brilliant, and actually was a very good interpretation of the human race on the whole.  The underlying symbolism of the film, and almost certainly the ending depicts the mentality of our civilization and the hunger for power that some people have.  Some scenes were almost sickening and really quite shocking, but this made the film all the more powerful.

A really great rollercoaster of a film with so many different meanings to it.  Pick you’re own and let me know what you think!

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