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Ok, sorry to all those Netflix fans out there!  I haven’t posted any reviews lately, purely because there has been too much going on in the Playstation world, I promise to be more attentive to you in the future! 😉

Here is something to watch over the weekend!

driveSo last night, I took the liberty to watch ‘Drive’.  I’ve been recommended by a few people to watch this weird and wonderful film, and as Bryan Cranston plays a part in it, it would be a sin not to!  ‘Drive’ is about a driver (Ryan Gosling) who gets caught up in a burglary and a murder whilst trying to help his next door neighbour.  I wouldn’t actually want to reveal much more than that as it would ruin the mystery of the film, but it sounds cool right?

As you may have noticed, I have used the word mystery a couple of times already, and ‘Drive’ is truly of that description.  Ryan Gosling’s character doesn’t even have a name, and for the first hour his only lines are a handful of Yes’ and OK’s.  In fact, his first real line in the film is ‘You shut your damn mouth, or I’ll kick your teeth down your throat’, and it takes a while to get there!  There are scenes of extreme violence, one guys head gets caved in completely, so be aware if you’re a bit queasy when it comes to blood!

The Director, Nicolas Winding Refn, makes the film a little weirder with his choice of directives, including lots of silence from ‘The Driver’, and there are many moments of ‘pause’ to create a more wonderous aura about the character.  The soundtrack featured throughout the film would border creepy too if it wasn’t so euphoric, but admittedly, it is kind of fitting

Overall, it’s a great film despite a lack of dialogue from the main protagonist.  The story is more about ‘The Driver’ and his mystery, more than the story itself I feel, which is a unique way to make a film.  It was pretty awesome and I enjoyed it, so thanks to my ol’ pal Cole Hodder for creating awareness for this epic thriller!

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