PS4 is cooler than PS3!

ps4-revealed-1-640x426Playstation recently had the PS4 passed by the FCC, in America.  This means that the product is now ready for launch and sales.  How exciting!

One thing that came from the application is the operating temperature of the PS4.  The PS3 ran between 45 and 55 degrees Celcius, which is pretty warm, especially during the summer where I myself have had to quit my game because of my room temperature rising!  Of course, with high temperatures comes the need for increased maintenance and the possibility of the yellow light of death- which will end your gaming career.

Sony have clearly been working on this, with the new PS4 operating at between 5 and 35 degrees Celcius- a huge drop.  What exactly does this mean though?  Well, the PS4 is 16x more powerful than the PS3, and its operating temperature is not far from half of its operating temperature, presumably this would result in a bit more reliability when it comes to your console crashing (a frequent occurance with my PS3) and a cooler room temperature for all!

Also revealed, the PS4 will weigh 2.8 kg, again, nearly half the PS3’s original weight!


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