Another free game for PS4!


Playstation have made it clear that Playstation Plus, and especially the Instant Game Collection, will be a focus for customer satisfaction in the future as much as it is today.  With a huge host of free games released in 2013 alone, PS+ has found itself with more and more subscribers, which has only lead to the release of more blockbusting installments such as Battlefield 3 and Saints Row: The Third (more recently).  Check here for Augusts installments!

With 5 free games already announced for the PS4, it is a solid indication that the Instant Game Collection will have a long and fruitful career.

driveclubAt the first Playstation Conference, back in February, one of the games to be shown was DriveClub.  This racer was featured quite heavily and we saw the almost sickening attention to detail that came with every car.  At E3, Playstation announced there would be a special edition of Driveclub available to PS+ subscribers, complete with all the same mechanics, but fewer available cars and track as the retail version.

Driveclub actually looks pretty cool, there is team based gameplay and a huge focus on online functions.  It isn’t to be classified and confused with racers such as Gran Turismo or Forza, but will actually rival one of my favourite racers, Grid 2.

Driveclub will be available at launch of the PS4 and your ‘free’ bundle keeps getting bigger and bigger.  We can only hope it will continue to grow.


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