Playstation All-Stars Are Now Black Holes

all stars

Everyone has played Super Smash Bros, if anything, its probably one of the only franchises that Nintendo have kept alive without bleeding it to death.  When Playstation announced there would be a similar game, I was overjoyed!  Super Smash was probably the sole reason for me to buy a Wii, although Mario Kart was always a good laugh and All-Stars would have to be just as good, if not better!

Just as Super Smash, I would expect to see a wealth of characters across the Playstation brand, and we did, old-school classic (although a crap game, truth be told) Parappa The Rappa, Sackboy, Kratos and Big Daddy from Bioshock.


The roster looked good, although I was surprised not to see Crash Bandicoot, or even Snake, and some of the characters were actually is irrelevant as Gabriel Logan from Syphon Filter on PS1.

Just before the game was released, Playstation made a playable demo available to download on Playstation Store.  I happened to download it, and whilst waiting, would picture how crazy the maps would be, the items available, the variety of moves.  The dream would never become reality.


I played, with a couple of friends and we grew bored extremely quickly, the fighting mechanics didn’t feel right, the items didn’t excite me, even the characters in the demo didn’t excite me as much as the rest of the roster.  It was a poor attempt to recreate a rivals classic and I’m sure many others were as disappointed as I was.  I guess the ones who didn’t play the demo were the ones that actually went out and bought the game.

There are a vast amount of titles to pick and choose, the majority with Download Content available on The Store.  With a game such as All-Stars, you would expect to see a variety of maps and new characters to purchase, but actually, Playstation have announced that ‘there is no planned DLC’.

If that doesn’t spell failure, nothing will.

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