15 Minutes of Game!




There has been a lot of focus and speculation with the ‘Share’ button on the new PS4 controller.  What will it share?  Where will it be shared?  How long are my videos?

Well at least one of those questions have finally been answered!  Playstation announced at their last conference that the ‘Share’ button would record ‘the last few minutes of gameplay’.  What?  The last few?  What does that mean?

It is now known that the Xbox’s similar function has a capacity of 5 minutes, but Playstation cleared up their little mislay of information by announcing that a whopping 15 minutes can be uploaded and shared!

That’s a huge amount of time, something that will only promote high profile Youtube gamers out there, and of course any newcomers.  Another thing that Playstation told us, is that some some content will be blocked, such as boss battles and spoilers, but this will ultimately be left up to developers to create the blocks.


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