PS4 games ready for Launch!


I have penned my PS4 release date for November 3rd, (Click here to find out why!) and there will be a huge host of launch date titles ready for your purchase!  With so many great games available from launch, it may be hard to decide which ones your pocket money will stretch to.

Here they are:

Assasins Creed IV:  Black Flag, from Ubisoft

Battlefield 4, from DICE

Call Of Duty: Ghosts by Infinity Ward.

DC Universe Online, Sony Entertainment

DriveClub, from Evolution Studios

FIFA 14, EA Sports

Just Dance 2014, also from Ubisoft

Killzone: Shadow Fall, from Guerilla Games

Knack, from Sony Japan

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, by TT Games

Madden NFL 25, another from EA Sports

NBA 2K14, from Visual Concepts

NBA Live 14, also from EA Sports

Skylanders: Swap Force,  from Vicarious Visions

Warframe, by Digital Extremes

And Finally, Watchdogs, probably the most talked about PS4 launch title, of course by Ubisoft!

knackMy personal ‘Wishlist’ on launch day consists of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Watchdogs and Knack.  Call of Duty is a must buy for me, having played every single COD game since it began to rival Medal Of Honour on the PC- and win!  Battlefield 4 is extremely intriguing, 64 Player online battles with the maps more destructible than ever, new guns, vehicles and god know’s what is to come.  Knack is a unique looking adventure game, I like these sort of fun easy to play games and Knack does look pretty cool!  Could Knack be the new Crash Bandicoot or Spyro?  Playing shooters all day gives me a headache, too much concentration involved and sometimes it’s nice to be able to chill and play a fun relaxing game.  I’m more curious about Watchdogs than anything, as previously mention, I hate stealth games, but we shall see…

fifa14I’m not a big fan of sports games, I’m no good at them and with a lot of flack from high profile sports stars such as Michael Owen, blaming computer games for the cause of fat kids, I have to say that games such as FIFA should be practiced outside in the park, not in a dark room on a 42″ screen.  Of course their is a market for these games, and I have been known to play FIFA, I just let my friends buy it and bring it round 😉

With a great selection of games to play as soon as you buy your PS4, there are also even more confirmed for the ‘launch window’.  The launch window will run up until the end of Q1, so March, but here they are:

Blacklight Retribution by Zombie Studios

Daylight, also by Zombie Studios

inFamous Second Son, the well known franchise from Sucker Punch

Need For Speed: Rivals from Ghost and Criterion

Oddworld: New ‘n’ tasty by Just Add Water

The Crew from Ivory Towers and Reflections

The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn Studios (Sony)

Planetside 2 by Sony

The Witness by Thekla Inc

Transistor from Supergiant games

Wolfenstein: The New Order by Machine Games

and finally War Thunder from Gaijin

featured image FFI expect there to be many more, these are only the confirmed titles, but of course we expect to see titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, a number of Final Fantasy games, such as Lightning ReturnsRealm Reborn and 15.  I would have thought Diablo III would be ready by then too, and possibly even Elder Scrolls: Online, but there’s no guarantee and could easily trickle into April and Q2.  A number of the titles above are also Free To Play as mentioned in a previous post (HERE).  The titles I would be interested in, of these, would have to be Wolfenstein, Order and Infamous, but not before any of my ‘unconfirmed’ mentions.  The F2P games are free, so it would be rude not to play them.

2014 is going to be a reclusive, wallet stretching year.  I want them all and of course would love the time to be able to play them all, but it will have to come down to priority.  I have to say, with such a heavy talk about The Order:1886 at E3, I would have expected it to be available at launch, but I guess a game like that has to be perfect.

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