PS3 headsets can be used with PS4!


With the era of true multiplayer gaming upon us, it would be considered a high priority to have a headset to enable you to chat to your friend!  Playstation have announced that there will be a headset included with the sale of the PS4, and just like the Xbox 360, it will plug straight into the controller, which would cease the need to keep charging it.

headset4 The PS4 headset does look a little cheap, something you might get with your new Alcatel mobile phone (Who?), but at least it will fit in your ear properly this time and wont be anywhere near as uncomfortable as the PS3 headset.  My god, that hurt my ear!

Playstation have announced that your PS3 headsets WILL be compatable with the PS4, so at least you will have a spare!


Some pretty good news there, but have to admit, the PS3 headset was so uncomfortable, I would only be glad to see the back of it!

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