Oculus Rift for PS4?


Has anyone seen the Oculus Rift?  It’s literally the coolest thing I have ever seen!  Imagine having your TV screen strapped to your face and playing your favourite games, with perfect peripheral vision and High Definition- in fact, how about being IN your favourite game?  Walking around the battlefield in Call Of Duty, turning your head left and so does your character, therefore being able to see what your character sees?  That’s what the Oculus Rift is!


This nifty piece of kit is the Rift.  Raising over $16 million in funding, the Oculus Rift is no longer a dream, but becoming a reality.  There is no set release date as yet, but dev kits are currently available and it is becoming the next big thing among the gaming giants out there.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has admitted that Playstation have the dev kits in the office, and has also admitted that he loves it!  This is promising for the Oculus Rift and for Playstation.  I literally could not think of anything better!  Who knows what the possibilities are with this?  If Yoshida is interested, their could be investment from Playstation to feature on their platform, or a heavier focus into Rift mechanics in games for the PS4.

Whatever will happen, TAKE THAT KINECT! YOU SUCK!

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