Playstation Plus on PS4. 5 Free Games!


Playstation Plus is already an amazing subscription service.  With its variety of perks including Online Storage for your game saves, or the host of big name titles available for free on a monthly basis.  Upon the launch of the PS4, Playstation Plus will be obligatory in order to play online.  Even though some may see this as a bad thing, it actually means the server quality will be financed better and presumably the Playstation Plus content will receive a boost in quality.

Playstation Plus’ Instant Game Collection is a huge hit, with so many huge titles being made available at no extra charge, who could ever have a bad thing to say about it?  With the PS4, the IGC will be no different.  Announced already are 5 Free to Play titles.  Check ’em out!

Blacklight Retribution:

Blacklight is a first person shooter from Zombie Studios, the game has been offering sci-fi multiplayer action to the masses since 2012 on PC, but will now be ported to PS4 as early as 1st Quarter 2014.  There are tons of customisable features within this

DC Universe Online

DCUO is a well known MMORPG where you can create your own superhero and complete missions throughout your favourite DC locations.  This little ‘Upgrade’ for the title will be enhanced greatly for PS4, as shown in the video above!

Planetside 2

Planetside 2, another sci-fi FPS (there is a trend building here).  This will be available very soon after PS4 launch and with apparent ‘100’s vs 100’s’ battles, complete with vehicles, I imagine this to be yet another Battlefield.  Looks pretty good though, but it’s hard for games to rival the market leader of the genre.


First released on PC this year, Digital Extremes Sci-Fi 3rd Person Shooter will be released within the first few months of the PS4s life.  Check out the trailer for some gameplay footage from this explosive, co-op game!
War Thunder
War Thunder is an online MMO currently in Beta stage for PC, but will be ported to PS4 next year.  Based during World War II, the game features vehicles of war from that era.  I expect this to be a little like Battlefield and with classic events such as Pearl Harbour and the Battle Of Midway to fight in, it could be quite the installment!
Playstation announced that they built the new Dualshock controller ‘with First Person Shooters in mind,’ so it would make sense for there to be a magnitude of FPS’ to play upon launch of the PS4.  There also seems to be a huge sci-fi theme too, but I wouldnt expect this to be a recurring image for what games are to come in the further future.
There are good times ahead!

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