Playstation Plus Releases August 2013



Hey, wasn’t July’s Playstation Plus installments great?  I’m hooked on Battlefield!

Playstation have announced Augusts Playstation Plus Installments, and again, we see some more great titles!

  nfsmostwantedFirst up we have Need For Speed: Most Wanted.  If your into your racers, this is a great addition to your collection!  Criterion blurred the lines between Burnout and NFS with Most Wanted and received high critical acclaim.  Burnout was always my favourite driver, even over Need For Speed, but this is supposed to be a nice blend so I might actually give this one a go!  For free, you can’t complain!

mafia2The second installment is Mafia II, that Godfather like classic!  Stealing cars, beating up shop owners and other illegal festivities.  You can guarantee a good play with this, the first Mafia was awesome and unique, and is there anyone in the world that doesn’t enjoy firing Tommy Guns? This is, again, another game I haven’t played.  I’ve heard good things, and it’s not often a gangster game comes your way!  It’s a fairly old game, but I would call it my GTAV warmup!  Another exciting title!


The Final PS3 release is Spec Ops: The Line, by 2K.  Everyone knows it for it’s cover and tactic based gameplay.  Controlling your squad as you move through a battlefield shooting the hell out of enemy soldiers.  You got it!  An interesting 3rd Person shooter, with a few unique mechanics, such as using sand as a weapon!

If you’ve never played a Spec Ops before, not to worry, the storyline doesn’t continue at all!

So 3 amazing PS3 installments!  But that’s not all, we have some PS Vita stuff too!

Lego Lord of The Rings and When Vikings Attack!

 legolotr                          vikingsattack

These will all become available on the 31st July, and it will be a nail biting time until then!  If you haven’t already, make sure you grab a hold on Battlefield 3 before then, as it’s is leaving PS+ as the newcomers arrive!

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