Minecraft for Playstation?


Minecraft is one of the fastest and best selling games of all time.  Reaching 6th in the PC record books and boasting over 10 million sales on the PC alone, Minecraft is no longer considered an Indie Game.   On May 9th last year, the Xbox 360 version was released, and within 24 hours had already become profitable.  Now the number of titles sold is close to 5 million copies with a further 7.5 million on their Pocket Edition.


The Minecraft craze is absolutely ridiculous.  If you haven’t played it then it would only be for the same reason that I didn’t to start off with.  Pure snobbishness.  Admittedly it doesn’t look great, and I suppose to watch someone else play is pretty boring, but when you get behind that little pickaxe yourself, you lose hours, if not days of your life.  The beauty of it is, you can play it exactly how you want to play it!

There has been a lot of speculation about a Playstation launch for Minecraft and Notch himself stated that he would consider it once Mojang’s contract had expired with Microsoft.  Not a lot has been said since then, but just before E3, Sony sent Notch a golden PSOne to attend the E3 conference..


So yeah, this is pretty old news, but we know that Notch DID attend E3 because if his Xbox One press conference.  Not much has been said since then, but surely we can only expect a Playstation launch for 2014?


Now, one of the only reason Minecraft ever launched on Xbox in the first place is because Microsoft helped port it.  This made it more financially viable for Mojang to do (despite its huge reception).  Now presumably, this would make it easier to port the Xbox version to Playstation, and as Sony have announced a partnership with the indie community, maybe it would make sense for them to help the port under Sony Entertainment?

Whatever the weather, there is a huge market for Mojang in Playstation.  There is also yet to be a Minecraft type game on PSN too, other than Terraria so it’s a gap to be filled.

Sony have also worked hard to make the Playstation more user friendly for game devs, so there’s another plus point!

I am too excited.  But seriously, I think it would be a mistake for Mojang to miss out on this opportunity, but then, I’m not Notch rolling about in his millions.

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