Netflix – Breaking Bad


breakingbadThis is a review of the Worlds Greatest TV Show to have ever hit our screens; Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan.  Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Walter White, played by Malcolm In The Middle’s Bryan Cranston, discovers he has developed inoperable lung cancer and tries to find a get rich quick scheme to leave his family enough money for when he is no longer around.  Walter is an underachieved chemistry teacher who resents his life choices.  The sudden realisation brought around by cancer governs his actions throughout this amazing TV series, and the story-lines run deeper than any other I’ve seen before.  After tagging along with his DEA agent, brother-in-law on a drug bust, he bumps into an ex-student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).  They decide to start their own Crystal Meth Lab, and with Walters perfect formula, they take the Meth-world by storm!

If you haven’t already seen Breaking Bad, then I have to wonder what the hell you have been doing with your life!  A story based around drugs brings so much more than your average Danny Dyer movie.  The number of elements that intertwine within the story gives unbreakable power to the amazement that every episode brings.  The characters are superb, and I have to say, Bryan Cranston plays Walter to such a point, I would nominate him for an Oscar, and award him the prize!  Walter White is the deepest character to have hit our screens and Cranston absolutely nails it!  Walter has many layers to his involvement throughout the story, and without giving too much away, what really made his acting ability the more Oscar-worthy would be the way he portrays Walter’s contrasting duology of Walter and Heisenberg, his alias.

Aaron Paul brings a comedy spectrum to the show with his ‘Science Bitch!’ (for those that know) and equally, with a character of sooo many layers, plays it just as well.

breaking bad

The characters, for me, really make this show.  Their interactions with eachother and the way everyone is portrayed is just superb!  Brilliant show!

With the long awaited finale of the show pinned in calendars for August 11th, I can only advise you to watch it, now, before Series  6 comes!

Everyone is Talking Bad, it really is the greatest show on TV!

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