Netflix – Breaking Bad SURPRISE!


breakingbadSo I found out a little while ago something very special.  Breaking Bad is almost definitely the best thing I have ever seen on TV and without a doubt I have my favourite things about it.

One of those things is the absolute hilarity that ensues after Saul Goodman is introduced in Season 3.  Saul Goodman, the criminal lawyer and his infamous one liners!  I have laughed countless times at them, and his whole aura is… mindblowing.  His totally non-serious approach to absolutely everything juxtaposes his indefinite knowledge at being a criminal…lawyer!

Well, Vince Gilligan, creator of ‘Bad hinted a little while ago at a Breaking Bad spin-off based around Saul and it actually seems to be coming together.

This is extremely exciting, Gilligan’s mind is proven to be twisted in so many ways and his imagination in his writing is equally so, but he certainly knows how to grip an entire planet!

My only gripe with this would be it has to be based around Saul and Saul only!  I don’t want any references to Walter White, Jess, Gus- none of it!  It needs to be a completely separate series.  I want it to be great in it’s own way and not live off the back of  ‘Bad.

My suggestion would be a prequel.  Then there can’t be any relation to my favourite show at all, apart from, of course, Saul.

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